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Finally a little redemption!!!!

I'm making this entry about 48 hours after I took 4/560ish runners in the stars $33/5k. This cash gave was my biggest, $1270. I had a $500 coin flip when I got it in preflop vs a 15bb stack that I had well covered with AQ vs 88. I flopped trips, he hit the 8 on the river. I then tried a resteal and follow up cbet that didn't work. I ended up going out with about 17bbs when I shoved over the maniac buttons perfunctory raise with a perfect resteal hand 89s, he happened to have a hand ATs and he flopped trips and I was drawing dead on the turn. I changed up my strategy instead of playing a lag small ball style I decided to play power poker with an m <= 10 from the last 30 people in.

It worked very well. I don't know how many times I pushed, it was alot, I got called in three spots. JJ>TT, AK>AJ, AQ>88. I went from being 11/14 to being 2/8 until I lost my AQ vs 88 4 handed. I ran really bad at the final table, I had AQ 2x that saw a flop, folded once, and had to call with tp vs trips for a decent pot. I had 99 2x and had to fold when a tight player called then led into me and when I got called by 2 players and saw an Aqx flop.

This score is HUGE for me. I now have a very solid 3k roll. I started that day with a 1.8k roll which meant I was a couple weeks of running really bad to having to move down to playing nothing higher then $11 mtts. I've scraped my $550 staking myself experiment since I hit this nice score. I'm just going to stick with buy ins up to $33 and maybe play one or two $55 mtts.

Frustrating Saturday

I played 8 mtts last night. I cashed in 3 of them, I was so close to a 4 digit score. I finished 60th in the ftp 24/24 for $69, 160/1179 of the stars 50/50 for $83, 17/1013 of the ftp 50/50 for $355. I essentially busted from the ftp 50/50 when I raised AQ 2.5x with 14bbs in mp. I got called by a donkey who kept calling me and I'd have to lay down when my AQ, KQ didn't connect in 2 other pots. The flop was J8x. I over bet the pot ai as vs this guy it was goin in whether he knew it pf or not. The guy calls with JTs. I don't mind his flop call as my hand screams my 2 big cards missed, I just don't understand calling a 2.5x raise with JTs with 13bbs.

One of my friends said I shove with an M of around 10 around the final table, I'm going to rethink my position on this as I like to make standard raises until I get to 12/13 bbs. Maybe it's not so bad if I have a couple of idiots that will call me light. All in all I'm pretty happy with my play, it's so sick that in the ftp 50/50 there were about 9 good opr players and only a few made the final table. Once we got down to 30 players in the ftp 50k I took a stab from the blinds 2x on flops and had to fold, raised KQ, AQ and missed them both, cbet one of the hands had to fold them both. I only won hands that didn't see a flop or I was short and shoved pf.

I made a deal with myself, I'd take $550 of money from out of my roll and use that to pay for half of a $55. My roll is around 2k, so basically it gives me a chance to play 20 of these donk filled 50ks and a shot at a very nice score. Out of 5 50/50s I've cashed in 3, and I finished 13th and 17th in 2 that I cashed. I'm just in need of a bit more luck to make the ft in one of these. Even a 2k score would be a really huge shot to my bank roll.

A belated January results.

I really had a hum drum, kinda sucky January as far as final tables and big cashes went. The very last day I played a 50/50k and cashed for $414 finishing 13/1400ish runners which saved my ass, it was a pretty tough final 30 that had guys like sheets and bengiec just to name a couple sitting on my left. I generally run over the table when it gets down to the last couple of tables, I simply wasn't allowed to steal so I had to play a little more solidly and lost a couple of big coinflips that would have propelled me to the final table.

I played the most mtts I've played in a single month, 91. I played 37 mtts of at least 180 runners, I made only 2 final tables, as I seemed to get unlucky around the final table in 4 mtts. Just the usual lose the coin flip for most of my 20bb stack, build it back up and repeat. I finished somewhere between 20th and 10th in 4 or 5 mtts which is soul crushing.

Overall I finished up $364 for the month which was my 2nd best month ever. Of that $364, $80ish of it was from cash, thank God for cash games. I think from now on I'm going to leave out my diet situation as I can't seem to get a full week under my belt before I eat something stupid. The biggest problem I'm running into besides my laziness, is putting in an average of 25 hours a week devoted to playing or studying poker and the horrible weather in Iowa. It seems we get snow or freezing rain at least every other day which makes it tough for me to go outside and walk or hit the gym, I HATE COLD WEATHER. In fact there's supposed to be a monster winter storm moving in tomorrow afternoon.

I'm in the process of shipping out tons of resumes as it looks like in the next couple of months I'll be forced on the swing shift. An example of the swing shift schdule is that they get sat, sun, mon off so they come in working 7am-3pm for 2 days, 3pm-11pm for 2 days, then 11pm-7am for 3 days. Then its the same except they work for 2 days on first shift, 3 days on second shift, then 2 days on third shift. Basically it sucks. I worked this schedule when I first started with the company, to say it was brutal is an understatement. It was tough sleeping, eating, and shitting. Basically you go through every day as a fucking zombie.

I was really hoping that I would have had a decent bank roll by now so that I could quit work, live off poker as I switched to a new job. Unfortunately my shift 3-11 doesn't permit me to play during prime time 75% of the month which certainly has reduced the amount of money I could win.

My first blog, a little about me.

This was my first post on a blog on another site in October, I changed a bit of it. I mostly play mtts now, I now play mtts in the range of $5-$55 as my bank roll has grown a little bit since I originally posted this.

Hey guys this is my first post on my first blog. I guess I'll introduce myself. I graduated in '04 from a local college with a B.A. in Computer Information Systems. I live in a small town in Iowa where I am employed at an aluminum mill as a lab tech. Essentially it's a boring job, but pays pretty well and I get 7 days off a month.

My passion right now is poker, specifically tournament poker. I've had pretty decent results since starting internet poker in feb. of '06. I haven't built my bank roll to $10k or anything like that, but I only play 5-15 hours a week. I've turned $200 into $1550 in the 20 months I've been playing. I've been a good small stakes mtt (multi-table tournament) player since I started, thanks to Harrington on Holdem volumes 1-3 and the great poker website

Since I started I've always played mtts, along the way my other poker focus had been sngs then nl cash games then limit cash games then nl cash games then sngs and now I'm going to focus on 6 max NL cash games again. I had some great success in the last 4 months of playing sngs but the games are pretty tough at the $16 sng level when I get home from work which is just after 11 pm central time. Here are my 3 biggest cashes which are actually kind of pathetic:
$55 PS mtt took 13th for $404
5.50 UB mtt took first for $350
4.40 PS mtt took first for $216

I typically play mtts with buy ins between $3 and $11, as I'm a bit of a bank roll nit. I'll start playing $25 NL 6 max sometime this month. I had success at $10 NL 6 max, but any retard could beat that stake. Actually in the last 1k hands of $25 NL I've lost with AA vs KJ, JJ vs K9, all in pf and QQ vs 88 where I potted each street and villain beat me in all 3 hands for a nice loss of around $90, that's where I vowed to not play cash games for a while lol. My plan was to start playing cash games this month but I've managed to mostly play mtts.
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