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Vegas trip day 2: AT can suck a ...

Day 2 trip report for Friday. Really day 2 pokerwise sucked for all 3 of us so it'll be really short as none of the hands I played were anything more then standard.

I found myself in bed the night before with a crappy chicken sandwich in my stomach and a nasty case of poker blue balls so I pretty much got no sleep Thursday night. I might have drifted off to sleep a couple of times for maybe a total of 2 hrs. We met in the lobby a little after 10am. After visiting 3 or 4 casinos the previous night we decided that we'll play the Wynn’s $140 + $100 add on at 2pm and if things don't go well there we'll play the $160 also at the Wynn at 7pm. As a last resort there's a midnight mtt at Caesars.

There was talk of Denny's Thursday night so we thought we'd head over there for some breakfast. Obviously this is Vegas and there was a line. I'll die before I'll wait in line to eat at fucking Denny's in Vegas and I think we were all in agreement. We proceeded to get some burger's at Planet Hollywood which were really good. After signing up and getting players cards at the Wynn Rich did some shopping in hopes of finding a rungood shirt and hat. Apparently this didn’t work.

The $140 + 100 rebuy was a pretty boring mtt. I really didn't have a lot of hands and had a somewhat crappy spot with rich 2 to my left and a guy that never folded to my exact left. Really everything was super standard when I believe I got short at some point and shipped over some limpers AT with 15-20bbs and ran into AJ. I proceeded to use my $10 credit to play the mega bucks slot machine. I ran it up to $260 and cashed out at $150 SHIP IT.

The $160 mtt was much like the previous mtt. I couldn't get anything going. I was card dead and up to that point I had yet to see a big pp over JJ in 8 hrs of play as I busted AT<AJ yet again when I shipped 15bbs 6 handed when 5 were getting paid fml. I don't remember how echo busted out but he busted 7th. Our deep runs and no cash made us too late to play a midnight mtt iirc. So we played some cash games echo and rich got to play together while I got to sit in the 3rd worst seat in the house at the Flamingo. The other 2 worst seats were the one's that had to move when i wanted to enter or leave my seat because jamming one more table up against a wall is awesome. I only played for 2 hours or so as I wanted to make sure I got some sleep for the deep stack the next day. I again had no cards. I called a couple of raises with small pps and gave up post flop and I limped in a couple of pots and couldn't come close to hitting a flop in anyway. I won one pot where I raised a limper in a 1/2nl game to $12 otb with KJ and the sb, bb called and the limper folded. I flopped a K bet 2/3 pot and both guys folded. I ended my short cash session down $5.

I went to bed a bit dejected but had visions of winning the $550 Venetian deep stack in my head as I went to bed.

Vegas Day 1: 45 minutes of pain

Day 1:

I missed out on a Vegas trip last year and decided I couldn't do it again. 2 friends of mine from our website, RichC and BlueEcho, were going to drive up from Sand Diego Thursday, April 9 while I flew in from Iowa a few hours before them.

My flight was uneventful and as standard as possible. I left my apartment at 11:50 am and arrived at the Flamingo at 5:50pm. I had to wait 30 minutes to check in and finally arrived in my room at 6:30pm. I pretty much got situated then proceeded to have a $8.99 crappy ceasar salad. After dinner it was close to 7pm and being new to Vegas and by myself I decided I might as well just hang out at my room for a couple of hours until echo and richc showed up.

They arrived at the Flamingo around 9:30pm, after talking for a while we decided to hit some casinos and see what mtts are running during our stay. Both guys are as nice in person as they are online. This being my first trip to Vegas I was in awe of the size and vibrancy of everything. Echo pointed out that even the McDonalds sign is big, even so it took me some time to find it out of all the clutter of all the bright signs. It's nice to go somewhere where everyone wants to have a good time. It's a nice getaway from the talk of layoffs and the bad economy back home. Oh and all the women are freakin hot!!!

On to the poker. We decided to play the midnight $65 mtt at Ceasars. I didn't last very long as I was card dead for the whole 20 hands I played. 45 minutes in my 2.2k stack was only a 22bb stack so when 6 people limped which wasn't uncommon I found 88 in the bb and jammed, obviously I got tarped by the middle aged guy utg who had KK. Even though I flopped a gutshot I couldn't get there and I was the first one on the rail. Echo got knocked out after taking some beats he had built up his stack when this middle aged donkey limped and then snap called QTs when echo shoved 14-15bbs with AK and of course the flop was KJx giving the donkey both a str8 and flush draw, the turn was an A and echo joined me at the rail.

Rich managed to finished 4th out of 26 runners where he got his buy in back. He too took some brutal beats the most devastating were his AQ<KT and AQ<KJ, the latter which knocked him out. I was hungry so I stayed up until 4am which was 6am Iowa time so very late for me waiting for an overpriced dry chicken sandwich. I found some entertainment while waiting for my food watching 3 drunk girls and a couple of drunk guys. One of the drunk girls had a very hard time holding her plastic plate which contained a hamburger and fries. She only dropped it 3x. The other girl in the group was going on and on about how her fries were the best in the world even though she only ate half of them as the other half was on the floor.

After I finish my meal, and yes the girl was right those fries are awesome, I comtemplated how the hell I could get any sleep. Even though I only got 4 hrs of sleep the previous night and I'd been up for around 20 hours how the fuck does a poker player sleep in Vegas when he'd been there for 12 hours and played 20 hands of poker? Well I eventually nodded off for a bit and dreamed of the money I'd win on Friday.

Feb/March Review

Wow I guess it's been awhile since I've blogged. Well I guess I'll start with my results. My average buy in is around $35 and I feel like since December of last year I've turned yet another corner. I'm more patient(not to say I never get unpatient), I tilt less often, and I'm playing much much better post flop. I still have yet to hit a score of at least 3k.

In February I posted a loss of $940 over 89 mtts which really isn't that big of a deal. I really feel as bad as I ran that the me of 7 months ago would've lost at least $1.5k maybe even $2k. That said I probably could've lost around $500 or less had I put my full effort into some of the smaller mtts I played. I found it hard to concentrate with 13 left in an $8/180 2nd in chips when first is only $390 and I've busted out of everything else. I certainly spewed decent stacks in at least 3 smaller mtt with 2 or less tables left.

In March I finished up $940 after 134 mtts thanks mostly to a 4th place finish in an ftp $26/28k for 2.3k. After March I found myself up 2.4k for the year. My bottom threshhold for continuing to really study and play alot is to make $10k for the year. My end goal is to build a roll and try and do this poker thing for a living. I feel that if I can't make $10k this year then it's a joke for me to even try. God knows I should be working out more trying to get laid instead of planting my fat pastey white face in front of my dual 22s.

January results

After a miserable November and December I managed to have my 2nd biggest month ever. My 3 biggest cashes were:

1) 4th in a ftp 26/28k for 2.3k
2) 1st in a stars 9.90 360 max for $810
3) 7th in a stars $33/10k for $770

I plugged a few leaks that I found in December when I was in the midst of a 100 buy in downswing. I got really unlucky to not have a monster month as I was really unlucky to not win the 28k and got super unlucky in some deep runs in some 55s and a 75. My goal for the year was to make a minimum of 10k. I managed to make 2.4k in January so I'm about 1/4 of the way there just one month in. I've gotten to a point that even at a $35 abi I make more hourly playing poker then I do at my job. Which inevitably makes draggin my ass to work so much harder.

At work things are not lookin so good. About 10% of the work force will be laid off in the next couple of weeks. Thankfully for me I can probably survive 2 lay off cuts. To help save money work has offered to allow anyone to have a day off until the end of Feb. unpaid. My thought was that I was going to take at least a couple of weeks off and grind. Well that plan backfired as I hurt my back trying to get back into shape. It's pretty hard to grind when your back is stiff, sore, and just screaming with pain.

My mission for the year is to hopefully build a roll and play at a high enough level so that I can give work the big middle finger and try playing poker for awhile. If I don't make 10k this year I'm going to put poker on the back burner and spend more time working out and brushing up on my computer programming skills and find myself a job with better hours.

Deuce's guide to poker podcasts.

Here is a post I made in a forum regarding poker podcasts. It's a post I made about 3 months iirc after an initial podcast post.

I figure it's time to update. For me good stategy content especially mtt strategy is what I like best in a podcast so here's my new rankings. There are some new shows since the last ranking and some shows that were new to me at the time that have either gotten better or I had more of a chance to listen to them and thus enjoy them. These shows have been around for a little while so I'll rank them. There are a couple of shows that started in the last 2 weeks that I'll add at the bottom.

1: All Strategy: This has Daniel Negreanu and ZeeJustin hosted by Scott Huff. This show is entirely strategy mostly about mtts. This is an excellent excellent show. It is basically what the name implies, it's all about strategy.

2: Two Plus Two pokercast - Hosted by Adam Schwartz and Mike Johnson. Adam is/was a mid/high stakes online player and really knows his stuff, Mike owns his own business(I think) and plays the part of the casual player. Both guys keep up on gossip and what happens on the 2p2 forum. I love that the hosts are intelligent and have nice chemistry, there's nothing worse then hosts that talk over each other or have seconds of silence or awkward conversation's where the hosts aren't on the same page. The show in a nutshell is a mix of gossip, forum static, hand advice, and poker player interviews.

Pros: hosts have great chemistry, the show is funny, the interviews are great, audio quality is great

Cons: There aren't enough shows only one per week

3: Bernard Lee Poker Show, Bernard has gotten better with time and provides excellent interviews and a sneak peak into a pro mtt players life.

4: Wisehand Poker: The audio has gotten much better and Gary has also improved his job as a podcast host.

5: Big Poker Sundays: I listened to this just to hear Bob rip on people. Unfortunately he's replaced by Shaniac. Shaniac does a good job but is no where near as good as Bob. It seems like Shane is always trying to use big words in sentences that seem forced. It's still a pretty decent show.

From here I think the quality really drops off.

6: Pokerroad Radio - Hosted by Ali Nejad, Gavin Smith, and Joe Sebok. Joe and Gavin are live mtt players that travel the circuit. Ali is a poker announcer for shows like the NBC Heads Up Championship, Poker After Dark, and a couple other shows on tv/internet. This show was originally CardPlayers "The Circuit" with Scott Huff as the host then Pokerwire radio with Joe Stapleton as the host. Ali is the 4th host and does a decent job but is nowhere near as good/funny as Stapleton and Huff. Basically the show consists of recent poker news, a break down of Joe or Gavin's day on the felt, and an interview with someone in the poker world. The show has gotten a lot better of late. Gavin has taken a prop bet that he can stay sober until sometime in November, a sober Gavin that actually says something in the poker podcast is awesome the normal drunk/hung over Gavin that says nothing during the whole show sucks. You won't get much good strategy unless Gavin is sober as Joe either doesn't really understand the inner workings of playing mtt poker or he doesn't explain it well. I really love the show when gobbo and court harrington fill in for gavin and joe. It's soooo much better.

Pros: Gavin is a great host when sober, you get an idea of what life is like on the circuit, occasionally Ali is funny and not completely annoying

Cons: Ali can straight up get on your nerves, he sounds like the biggest fake wannabe there ever was (check out the Paul Darden interview and watch how he talks during the interview, fucking hilarious), Gavin will probably resort to being drunk and useless for the show after his prop bet is done, Joe holds the show back he's got a whiney voice and really adds nothing to the show..

7: Killer Poker Analysis: This show has grown on me. How good the show is depends on what type of strategy the host who's name fails me now goes over. He answers alot of stupid stupid questions from the mouth breather's that listen to Rounders Radio. Occasionally the content is amazing.

8: ESPN the poker edge. This show has grown on me a bit. More Adam Feldman please. The show has gotten better since they are doing a weekly show now.

9: Pocket 5s Podcast - Hosted by David Hubar and Adam Small. This podcast is mostly about online mtts, ldo this is p5s. There is a little bit of poker news followed by one or two interviews usually an online mtt pro.

Pros: The interviews are often fairly good.

Cons: The interviews are very short usually 10-20 minutes at most. David Hubar as a dry, boring, monotone, emotionless voice.

10: Pumped on Poker. It's amazing how one thing can really fuck up a show. They have 2 hosts who are calling in and constantly talk over each other. The first 5 minutes are excrutiating as these guys try to have a convo where they don't talk over each other. The interviews are ok if you want to call them that. I call the interviews dick sucking since the interviewee is obv god since he/she won or got deep in an mtt. There are also periods in the interview where the 2nd host who doesn't say much adds to the mayhem and confusion as the interviewee and the hosts talk over each other and try to figure out what the fuck everyone is saying. The obvious solution is to get rid of the host that doesn't say much.

Other shows not mentioned:

Keep Flopping Aces-Fell out of my top 10. Although the host asks very good questions he is a horrible horrible horrible interviewer. He constantly talks over his guest on the phone and there's tons of awkward dead air. The guests usually suck too.

Ante Up-Basically like I've said before the show is done by 2 donks. It's amazing that they do any kind of hand analysis. If they focused on just interviews and poker news they'd make my top 10. Unfortunately when you don't know how to play poker and 1/3 of your show is analysis your podcast is gonna suck.

The Ultimate Poker Show. This is hosted by PokerHo and Annie Duke. No one should have to listen to Annie talk over everyone about how she got her kids ready for school. The show is a crapfest so far. Essentially it's a UB propaganda show.

The Tournament Pwnage Hour. This show has a shot at being the best. It's hosted by an online mtt pro and the show is completely dedicated to online mtt strategy. Obv if they keep this show going, just from listening to the first show it will be at the top. The host interviews other online mtt pros.

Perspective's Now. This show is all about the online gambling economy and regulation. It's a nice weekly show to keep you up to date on online poker.

Poker Talk Beyond the Book. The show is really bad for players who are past being a novice. Essentially it's droolers complaining about bad beats in free rolls or some moron calling to brag about winning $30 in a $25nl cash game.

Cash Plays. Sadly this show is no longer and was easily one of my all time favorites. Bart is moving on and will host a podcast with DeucesCracked in January. Supposedly that show should be similar to Cash Plays.

The Joe Average Poker Show. This began again after a long lay over as a weekly podcast. The main host sounds like a fat guy that just ate a large pizza, tub of ice cream, and a bucket of hot wings and just about had a stroke after lifting some heavy boxes. The guy has no clue about poker news/gossip nor can he finish one sentence before slurring or completely messing up a word. The woman "pro" seems to have no clue what she's talking about when it comes to strategy but somehow wins almost every week...yeah right. The guy "pro" seems to know what he's talking about. Overall the show is fairly enjoyable but is more for the novice or beginner.

In Itunes you can search for said shows. If you can't find them they'll be under rounders radio.
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