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Second experience with Full Tilt -- One Outer Anyone?

Full Tilt Poker
lakong Hey, I don't mean this blog to be filled with bad beats. But this one was classic. I guess the 5 out-er on river that I wrote about last night was not too bad. I'm getting good about not tilting though. I need to be proud of myself for that.

$1/2 game on Full Tilt, I have $170, opponent has 150.

I'm dealt 6 6 in BB. UTG limps, button limps, I check.

Flop comes:

6 2 2


I bet 7, UTG raises to 14, I call.

Turn: Q

I check, UTG bets 22, I riase to 60, UTG raises to 98 (weird), I push, UTG calls.

UTG turns over K 2

Nice little double-up, but then:

River: 2


* I guess he could have turned over QQ and it would have been just a normal bad beat.


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