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Back to work at the Hustler

Hustler Casino
lakong So I was speaking to Edmond yesterday and he mentioned that he was heading out to the Hustler for their Wed. tournament. If you read my blog from yesterday you'll see where I say that I haven't played in a few months and that I was planning to jump back in next Monday. Well, I decided to join Ed and play last night.

Boy was it boring

I played in the tournament for about 1.5 hours and the live game for about 1.5 hours. I saw AQ once, JJ once, 55 twice, KJ twice and AT once. Those were my good hands. Not much to speak of. I also had a few playable hands like 89s, QTs, etc., but never hit a flop.


It was a $150 buyin with $25 fee. There were a bit over 100 entrants and we started with 2,000 chips. I basically had 3 hands to speak of in addition to a bunch of the standard little stuff.

Hand 1

Blinds 25/25. MP raises to 75. I call from LP with KJ, another player calls. Flop is all low rags. Everyone checks. Turn brings a flush draw. Checked to me, I make it 150, only the initial raiser calls. River J. Good and bad. Initial raiser makes it 250. I don't like it, but call. He turns over A7 . Oh, well.

Hand 2

Blinds 25/25. 3 limpers to me in SB. I complete with K4s. Flop comes 47J. Checked around. Turn is a blank. I checked, MP makes it 75. Folded to me and I decide to just make a loose call with the thought of taking it on the river with a bluff. The river pairs the 7. I figure if he doesn't have the 7 I can win here with a bet. I bet 250. He throws in a 500 chip. He meant to raise, but didn't say raise -- not that it would have mattered either way. He had j7 for a full house. So much for my 'amazing' reading skills.

Hand 3

Level 3. Blinds are now 50/100 and I have about 1100. At this point I cannot mess around with raises unless I'm willing to play for all of my chips. About halfway through the level I'm dealt AQs in EP. I make a standard raise to 300. MP calls. I make the decision that I'm doing a stop and go and will push on any flop -- the guy has me covered by a little but my extra 800 is meaningful to him so I have plenty of FE. My plans get postponed when I see a great flop of QT8. Now I change my plans and decide to go for a check-raise. He bets 300 after my check and I push. He complains that he now has to call the remaining 500 and does. He turns over 99. Beautiful. Well, not really. The turn is a 7 and the and the river is a 6, giving him runner/runner straight and I'm out.

That was fun!

Live Game

I usually like to play in the $5/10 NL game, but they weren't spreading one so I played in the $2/5 game. The buy-in is $100-300 and I buy in for $300. Once again, I don't get many hands. Here are 4 hands that are somewhat interesting. You'll see that I didn't play them particularly well.

Hand 1

A guy 3 to my left is straddling ever time I'm on the button. Second time around I have 55 and call his straddle of $10. He just checks. Flop is the wonderful A95o. He bets $20, and I decide that my plan now is to figure out how to get all of his chip. I don't want to just call because it would make it hard to get all of his money on future streets (he still has about $150 left). I make a raise to $60 and he calls. The turn is the case 5 giving me quads. He checks and I bet $75. He calls. River is a blank, he checks and I force him all-in and he calls. Not sure what he had. I sure wish he had more chips, oh well... but I'm not complaining.

Hand 2

Next orbit. Same situation. Same guy straddles. I look down at 55 again and call. He now raises to $50. Hmmm. He reloaded so has about $300 behind him. If he had $100-150 I probably put him all-in, but I'm concerned that he might have a hand or just the balls to call and I'm going to be 50/50 at best. Of all of the choices (fold, raise, push, call) I believe I made the absolute worsts which is call. Flop comes AJ9, he bets $100 and I have to fold. I didn't really have the proper odds to get paid if I hit my set, so I have no idea why I was in there. Probably because it was so coincidental that I had 55 again and wasn't going to fold it given the quads the last time I folded. Good poker thinking! Probably the best move would have been to make a good PF raise with my 55. Something like 30-40. Anyway, so much for that hand.

Hand 3

JJ in EP. I make it 15, short-stack woman to my left calls, guy from 55 hands makes it 40. I think of pushing but decide to call. Lady calls. Flop comes QT5 rainbow. I want to see where I stand so I make it $100. Lady goes all-in for her last $80. Guy calls but he doesn't seem happy with my bet. I put him on AK or a pair under mine. Turn is a blank. This is my mistake. I decide here to check which is terrible -- I wasn't playing weak here. I really thought he would bet if I checked and I wanted him to bet given my read. He seems happy to check. Now I really think my read is good and I just misread his level of aggression. I will now bet any turn that doesn't include an A or K. Unfortunately it is a K. I hate that card! I check and he makes it $120. I don't like it but given my weakness on the turn I feel that he could easily be trying to take it away with a hand like 99 or 88. I also know that I'll have to see his hand given the all-in player and don't want to learn that I would have won. So I call and both of my opponents turn over AK. If I bet the turn, I wouldn't have won any more money because the all-in player would still have taken most of the pot, however, I would have avoided losing the $120. I was a big favorite to win a nice pot going into the river (they had only 6 outs -- 2xK, 2xA, 2xJ).

Hand 4

I really screwed this one with my meak play. MP raises to 15, two limpers to me in SB with 78. It will be my last hand either way, so I call. Flop comes A96. I check. Loose MP player makes it only $25. Folded to me, I call. Turn is J. I check. MP makes it $50. I figure that I have 12 outs, and the pot is offering me a bit less than the odds I need, but I figure if he has an A I can get him to pay me what I need on the river. I call. The river blanks. I check and he checks. Turns out he hated my call because he only had a 6. On the one hand I had 6 additional outs so easily had the odds to call. But in reality I screwed up the hand. There is no reason why I shouldn't have pushed on the turn after his bet. I was probably influenced by the fact that I was ready to stand up and cash out and didn't wanted to be stacked at that time. Not good reasoning.

In summary, I didn't get many hands or good flops. But I also played much too sheepishly. There were hands that I won where I pushed people off hands, but in the critical spots I always found a reason to play less aggressively. Not good!


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