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The BIG 3-OHHHHH!!!!

Harrah's Horseshoe Bossier City (Shreveport)
Landlord79 The Big 3-OOHHH!!
Once again, I celebrated my birthday at the always accommodating Horseshoe-Bossier City. This year was a special year for me as it was my 30th. (I still feel like I’m 24ish.) As I take an inventory of my life at 30, I see that I am very blessed. I’m married to a wonderfully beautiful and incredible wife. I’ve got a miraculously healthy 3 year old baby boy. My wife and I are both healthy, physically and spiritually, and we’re financially stable despite a tumultuous year in real-estate in 2008.

I haven’t been to a casino in a long while, nor have I been playing much online. It got too big for a while and I decided to pull the plug on it. I still get my fix from time to time online, but the serious study of the game and the dependence on the extra income I’ve cut out. (The income has been sorely missed.) There is no more 18 tabling for me and I’ve forgotten more about poker than most average people will ever learn. I’m down to 2 or 3 tables and only playing once every 2 to 3 weeks or so. My bb/100 has skyrocketed though, so that is one positive. Oh, and despite my best efforts in the 2nd half of 2008, I spent all of my bankroll on paying down my wife’s car, vacations and other miscellaneous crap.

We arrived at the HSBC a few minutes before 7pm and had to rush to check in and unload our bags in order to join our friends at Sushiko at the Louisiana Boardwalk. The LA Boardwalk is in walking distance of the HSBC, but unfortunately, Sushiko is at the other end of this massive outdoor mall, so we drove. The food was good but it took 2 hrs to get it. We ordered a “Boat,” which consisted of an assortment of Sashimi (raw fish), Nigirisushi (raw fish over rice) and 2 Norimaki (rolls.) My wife and her friend were expecting more rolls, but they obviously weren’t listening to the waitress when she said twice that the “Boat” only contained 2 rolls. The “Boat” is an actual 2’x 8” wooden boat that docks in the middle of your table. They have “Ships” also, but the “boat” handily served 4. The food was an A-, Service was a B and the Environment was a solid A, less a 15 point deduction for our long wait. Overall, I’d count the experience as a good one B+ after a curve bonus due to the fact that I had good friends around me to carry the 2 hour delay.

When we finally returned to the HSBC around 10pm everyone made a break for their favorite money pits. Several fell victim to the one armed bandits, others decided to try their luck at craps. Of the 4 couples that celebrated my birthday at the HSBC, only 1 couple came away a winner at the craps tables. As for me, I wisely made my way down to my favorite sweet-spot, the exquisite HSBC poker room. I’ve been to 3 rooms in Tunica, 5 in Biloxi, 2 in Vicksburg and the El Dorado poker room across the river in Shreveport and IMO the HSBC’s room is at the top of the list. It's a bit smaller than the others, but it’s always clean, the dealers are well trained, polite and professional; there are flatties everywhere; the service is great and you can get seated exceptionally fast at your game of choice. On this night, I was put on the list for the $1/3 NL game and immediately agreed to sit at a $4/8 limit game. Within 10 minutes my name was called and I was playing America’s new favorite game, the unlimited version of Texas Hold Thems.

I tried an old game of spot the sucker and it was just like riding a bike. The loud mouth at the end of the table was telling everyone that “He doesn’t want none of this!” He proceeded to turn over a rivered gut-shot ftw. He was playing every hand and betting hard and talking big when he had it or else he was keeping quiet and betting small when he didn’t. Luckily, 2 very capable regulars got up and left the table soon after I sat down, they were replaced by 2 rednecks wearing matching Stihl hats. The 2 new additions quickly proved very profitable for me as I proceeded to bust the loud-mouth and one of the rednecks in successive hands. I could say that it was my egggggspurt poker playing and mental prowess that allowed me to take their money, but the truth is that I flopped 2 consecutive flushes with suited connectors in late position and they both blew up in turn on the flop. I only had to sweat the bare ace against the loud mouth and the redneck blew up w/ top pair top kicker from the blinds in a multi-way limped pot. About the time that I got my tiny mound of chips stacked and a text message out to Mr_Taterhead about how EZ poker is, my wife walked up to tell me that she’s done gambling and that she’s ready for me to come upstairs. “WOWIE, WOWIE, WOWIE!!! Sorry boys, I hate to hit-n-run, but when the wife says she’s ready, it’s time to gogogogogoogogo!!” I quickly cashed in my $350 win and headed upstairs to cash in my favorite birthday present of all time!

We rejoined Mr_Taterhead and our other pals the next morning for a late breakfast at the HSBC’s ever enjoyable buffet. With full bellies the guys headed back into the casino for a try at winning some of our money back from the craps tables. The other wives took what little money was left from the destruction that was the night before and tried to throw that away at the LA Boardwalk mall. My wife had latched on like a Michael Vick pit-bull to a large bite of my prior night’s poker winnings, I'm sure that the GAP appreciated it. I gave most of the red-necks money back to the casino, and then luckily my wife called and said that they were all done shopping. If the truth be told, I left there with what I came with and my wife was all the richer for my good fortune at poker. AH, the good life!


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