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Thanksgiving weekend

Harrah's Horseshoe Bossier City (Shreveport)
Wasn't too bad of a couple of sessions. It appears that I'm going to have to make sure that I play the second hand every time I sit down.

Saturday night sat down immediately at a 4-8 Limit Hold'em game and got A-A on the second hand. Flopped a set, rivered a boat. Played up and down the rest of the night for some 5 hours. A luck sack cowboy from LaGrange kept everybody on their toes and lots of loose wallets around the table kept the money flowing. Finished $24 up, not bad for first casino cash game.

Sunday morning again immediate seating at the 4-8 table. A Mimi Tran look alike was at the table, but she proved she wasn't with the loose wallet. The second hand I was in would have won a decent pot as I would have turned a set, but after the flop I didn't think I had a chance and threw my pockets away. My two pair couldn't hang with the set on the splash the cash hand.
Late in that session I found myself with pocket 9's in the BB. Called the preflop raise to 8, As the action went around the table the preflop betting got to the limit of 20. I had a good feeling and stayed in. Preflop pot was about $100 with 4 people in. Flop 9 6 6, I knew why I had the good feeling. Since I was first to act and there was already a lot of action I bet, fold, call and call, 3 players. Turn and river no paint, so I bet both with calls from two players.
They had KK and AA, and I took down about $160. Ended that session up $28 in about 3 hours.

Learned allot and looking forward to hitting more cash games in the casinos.


Anonymous says

Nice! Keep it up.


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