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Profit on the Red (5/10/08 - 5/11/08)

Harrah's Horseshoe Bossier City (Shreveport)
Two 4/8 sessions on 5-10 and 5-11 for just under 4 hours total.
Saturday bought in for $100 then got felted after about and hour. Rebought for another $100 and ended up taking away $338 and hour later.

Sunday bought in just before the 10am splash the pot for $100. was down to my last few chips after about 45 mins again. That time A3o in the BB. Flopped a set of 3s. Rivered an A for the boat to bring be back to live.
Later had 74 spades in the BB, flop 8 9 10 all spades. 6 of spades on the turn, two just kept betting and then calling my raise. River was trash and two check callers to me. Put me well on the plus side for the day and I stayed there. Picked up after hour and 45 minutes with a $33 profit.

To go with about $125 profit from El Dorado the night before had almost $300 profit for the weekend.


lakeoffire says

Up is better than down. GL Garry


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