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Horseshoe Bossier $1/$2 NL 6-1-07

Harrah's Horseshoe Bossier City (Shreveport)
Mr_Taterhead My fellow coworker (Landlord79) and I went over to Bossier City, LA to play some $1-$2 NL live poker this past weekend and the following is a session review/trip report from the weekend. Maybe he will post his review and we will have two different views of the same sessions.

We got over to the Horseshoe in Bossier at about 6 o’clock on Friday afternoon and after we checked into our hotel room at the ‘Shoe, which was at a discounted rate of $70 which is pretty good for a room on the weekend at the ‘Shoe, we headed on down to the poker room. We clocked in with the poker room manager and within 10 minutes we were sitting in seats 5 & 6 of a new table that was just being opened. The cards were in the air and our poker weekend was off and running.

Hand #3 at the table I am UTG and I immediately straddle, a couple guys limp and the SB makes it $20 to go. He had raised from the BB earlier and he ended up showing KQ off, good hand sir. BB smooth calls, I make it $50 straight with AQ-hearts on the straddle, both blinds call. Flop is A-J-X rainbow. Check, Check, I fire $60 at the pot and SB folds and the BB is thinking and thinking and thinking and then he goes AI, so I make a bad call and when the Q falls on the turn I think I just sucked out on him, but once the hand was over he showed me JJ for the set. Can someone say REBUY TABLE 10!!!!!! I am already one buyin down 3 hands into my session.

The next hand I call a raise with 6-7H in the BB and chased an OESD vs. the same douche that showed me the set. My straight missed and I tried to bluff the river and he looked me up. So within 4 hands into this session I am already down over $300 and I have only $180 left for the entire trip. BOY THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG TRIP.

So I rebuy what I have left in my pocket and I started playing screw tight. An orbit or so later the following hand comes up. I am in the CO or Highjack with a couple of limpers in the pot. I look down and see 10-10. I make it $17 to go and I get one caller from the blinds. Flop is J-10-x rainbow. YAHTZEEEEEEE!!! The blind leads out into me for $35, I smooth call. Blank on turn and we get it all in and he is drawing slim with J-10. River is not a Jack and I double up. AWESOME!!!

The very next hand, an EP guy makes $10-$15 to go and one guy calls I look down and see Q-Q. I bump it to $55 straight and both call. Flop is Qc-10c-4. The EP raiser open pushes for $87 the next guy cold calls and I obviously re-push with top set and the cold caller calls. The open pusher is drawing dead with QJ, cold caller had AK clubs and he misses his outs and I win a monster pot. SO MUCH FOR BEING STUCK!!!!

I now have $540 on the table, but I am in for $480, so I am ready to take an hour break and get some of my monies off the table. Landlord 79 and I cash out and I am UP $64 for my trip. We head over to the Eldorado Casino to see what is going on and what a crap hole. I promptly lose about $80 by just folding and folding after I get 3 bet OOP. I had to dump KQ and AQ from MP when the CO and Button re-raised me. DON’T EVER GO TO THE ELDORADO CASINO POKER ROOM.!!! Its gotta be one of the worst poker rooms in the world.

We cash out for night and head to bed at about 2:30am on Sat morning. We get up at 7:30 and shower and get down to the poker room at the ‘Shoe and try to get a hold of some of the drunks that are still playing from the night before and boy it didn’t take long.

I call a PF raise of $15 from a live player with 8-8, flop is Q-8-x and I get it all in on the blank turn vs. AQ. Its always fun getting it in when villain is drawing dead. After I bust the live one I change tables, and get on the same table with Landlord79. This $1-$2 table probably has close to 4.5K on it. I pretty much pick on the weak spots and chip up to about $450 or so and then the hand of all hand happens. This hand happens about an hour before we are set to leave.

As usual 7 players limp I am in the BB and look down and see the RED ROCKETS, I make it $20 to go and UTG+1 who calls and has me covered. The flop is K high all diamonds. UTG+1 has shown aggressive tendencies when checked to. Of course I check with the over pair and nut flush draw. She auto fires $60 at it and I smooth call. The turn is an off suit Q and I start to think to myself. Oh boy this could be bad. I check and she fires another $100 bet. I pushed AI to $355 with a check raise and once she didn’t insta-call I knew I was golden. She ended up finally calling $255 with you guessed it, A-Qd. Gosh you gotta love live poker!!!!!!!! Her 2 outer misses and I rake in a $900 pot. This is the biggest pot I have ever won and it must have taken me over 5 minutes to stack my chips. I play one more round and get up and head to the house.

I ended up winning about $900 during this trip and I can’t wait till we get to go again.


lakeoffire says

Good job keeping your head together after a rough start! It's always nice when the rockets hold up.


EdmondDantes says

Nice trip and post! I love starting a session and immediately ending up down. You start thinking that the day is going to be a disaster and then, next thing you know, you win a couple of big pots and you're even or slightly up. I guess it's better than the alternative--being way up after an orbit and then bleeding it all back! Sounds like Landlord79 didn't have as good a run. though. Landlord79's report. Runner/runners...three outers...ugh. Buy that boy a drink!



lakong says

Nice post as always. The guy played his JJ against you in a very interesting way. I like his smooth call of the SB raise, but he was definitely taking a big chance by just calling your raise from the straddle. Your straddle raise is well disguised because in live play you often see these raises with absolutely nothing so JJ should definitely be good here. Why see a 3-way flop with that hand. Okay, so now he sees the flop, hits trips. He did a nice hollywood with his AI, and it seemed to work well because you called <G>.

On your AA hand, what were your thoughts on the push? Did you consider just calling? The way you described the action, it seemed like there was a good chance you were beat, so a good % of the time you're playing there for the flush. Not sure what this woman folds to you push given the action. Did you think there was a strong possibility that she folds or were you trying to get all of the money into the middle because you felt that a flush card on the river would freeze her? Just curious.


Mr_Taterhead says

I definitly didnt like when the Q popped off on the turn and once she didnt auto call me I was praying for her to call. If she did have me beat I was drawing to the nuts. I will take a monster pot with one pair anyday and twice on Sundays.

Oh if it matters the lady said she played on Bodog, and we know about the players on the 'Dog.



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