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Give me back my hat!

Harrah's Horseshoe Bossier City (Shreveport)
Mr_Taterhead Landlord79 and I along with my buddy Ben, who is an online pro, made a Friday afternoon trip to play some live $1-$3NL at my home casino, Horseshoe - Bossier City. I now know what it feels like to be Landlord79 when he goes to the Boat with me. I am usually the one running hot, but he can now say that he possesses the luckbox.

Nice hat, sir!

We arrived at the ‘Shoe at about 2:30 and before we go in LL79 asks me if he could wear my lucky hat that Edmond was so kind to send me and, of course, I obliged. If you’re a luckbox like me, who needs a so-called lucky hat, right? As I start walking to the table after buying my chips from the cashier I notice that LL79 already has a full buyin of $300 in the middle of the table and I haven’t even sat down yet. He gets KK on his first hand and wins about $100 before I can even bust out my iPod. I have never seen a guy look so happy in my life. I think he knew from this moment that this day would be a good one.

I never really got anything going while we were at the ‘Shoe. I was playing a very LAG game preflop and then I went to TAG post flop. I can only recall 3 hands from our very short session and they all happened back to back to back. An older fish, who is probably stuck ~$500 makes it $15 to go and I make it $45 straight with AK, everyone folds back to the old fish and he smooth calls. The flop is 925 rainbow and the fish auto pushes $143 into the pot and I have no choice but to fold my hand.

The next hand I pick up KK and open the pot for $20 straight, and of course everyone folds and I take down the nice $4 worth of blinds. WOHOOO!!!

Her first time

The very next hand I pick up QQ. The lady that LL79 mentions in his post makes it $15 to go from EP and I make it $45 straight, everyone folds back to the original raiser and she smooth calls. The flop is a lovely 3-3-5. She insta-pushes $82 into the pot and I am already thinking in my head what I should buy with her money. I can’t call quick enough and of course she turns over AA and says, “This is the first time that I have ever had these!” So in a span of 3 hands I picked up AKs, KK and QQ and I came out as a $169 loser. Boy, this game is fun.

Nice pot, LL79!

While I continue to try to win back my money that the fishies have now managed to spread around the table, I notice that LL79 is running goot and decimating the table. He is crushing the game and he actually gets 2 people all in drawing stone cold dead and wins one of the biggest pots that I have ever seen at a $1-$3NL game. Check out his trip report for details.

We end up leaving the ‘Shoe early so that we can get back home at a reasonable time. I ended up losing $215, mostly due to the AA vs. QQ hand. This is the first time since January (when LL79 and I started going to the casinos together) that I have came home a loser. I am anxiously waiting our return trip so I can get this monkey off my back.

Note to self: Don’t loan out your lucky hat to anyone again.



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