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AA on trip board. Anyway to get away from this?

Atlantic City. Live $5/10 and I had about $1500 I front. In MP raised to $75 with AA after a few limpers got 1 caller.

Flop comes TTT. I checked as did he. Turn was K, I bet $125 and he called (I figured he had the K), river was a 4, I bet $300, he thinks… goes all in, I call and he shows KT… F ME! Flopped quads..

Can I put him on a T here???


Playing Full Tilt FTOPS #6, $200 short handed. Made some great bluffs, got some great cards.. had great table image, allowed me to steal a ton. 2,555 entered, top 306 make the money.
I have $19K chips and am about 140th with just over 400+ left.
While in the SB, I have raised the BB 3 or 4 times out of 6-7 times, but had big hands everytime. AT, AK, AK, QQ. So I am sure he is getting annoyed. He has me covered and has $27K chips.

So... I get QQ in the SB and everyone folds around to me (blinds are 250/500) so I make it 1,800 (wanted to go a little bigger than 3x raise to maybe have him think I am stealing, and he will re-raise me with a worse hand)

He just calls.

Full Tilt Poker Game #2442987436: FTOPS Event #6 (17563285), Table 180 - 250/500 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:07:51 ET - 2007/05/17
Seat 1: Rip_AKo (4,610)
Seat 2: sb129397 (19,239)
Seat 3: Rossoblu (9,802)
Seat 4: Podiman (19,068)
Seat 5: TheStein (27,219)
Seat 6: optimistprime (3,346)
Rip_AKo antes 50
sb129397 antes 50
Rossoblu antes 50
Podiman antes 50
TheStein antes 50
optimistprime antes 50
Podiman posts the small blind of 250
TheStein posts the big blind of 500
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Podiman [Qd Qc]
optimistprime folds
Rip_AKo folds
sb129397 folds
Rossoblu folds
Podiman raises to 1,800
TheStein calls 1,300

At this point, I know I have the best hand, but praying no A or K on the flop. As long as there is no A or K, I am pushing. So the flop comes...

*** FLOP *** [Tc 5h Qh]

FLOPPED TOP SET!!!! I decide to wait about 10 seconds and check. I know there are 2 hearts but, he is pretty agressive and I think he will fire and I can check-raise him and get some extra $$$.

Podiman checks
TheStein bets 2,200
Podiman raises to 5,200
TheStein has 15 seconds left to act

Worked exactly as I planned it. But then he takes a long time to decide what to do... What could he have? Does he think I am on a total bluff and can steal?

TheStein raises to 25,369, and is all in
Podiman calls 12,018, and is all in
TheStein shows [5c 5s]
Podiman shows [Qd Qc]
Uncalled bet of 8,151 returned to TheStein

Can it get any better than this??? Set over Set! This will take me to $38K and up to about 25th place.

*** TURN *** [Tc 5h Qh] [Ah]

Yeah, bring it!

*** RIVER *** [Tc 5h Qh Ah] [5d]
TheStein shows four of a kind, Fives
Podiman shows a full house, Queens full of Fives
TheStein wins the pot (38,336) with four of a kind, Fives
Podiman: OMG
Podiman stands up

So sick... Was 4% to win on the flop and 2.2% on the turn to hit his one outer.
I hate online poker. And you thought I was emailing you a good hand huh?

*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 38,336 | Rake 0
Board: [Tc 5h Qh Ah 5d]
Seat 1: Rip_AKo folded before the Flop
Seat 2: sb129397 folded before the Flop
Seat 3: Rossoblu (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: Podiman (small blind) showed [Qd Qc] and lost with a full house, Queens full of Fives
Seat 5: TheStein (big blind) showed [5c 5s] and won (38,336) with four of a kind, Fives
Seat 6: optimistprime folded before the flop

I'm going to jump out the window now. See ya later!

Sorry for another bad beat post

The hand speaks for itself:

Poker Stars
No Limit Holdem Tournament
Blinds: t100/t200
(Ante: t10)
9 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: t4353
UTG+1: t7311
MP1: t10890
MP2: t13500
MP3: t6966
CO: t4575
Button: t2965
SB: t24172
Hero: t5690

Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is BB with A K
6 folds, Button raises to t800, SB folds, Hero raises to t2000, Button calls t1200 (pot was t2990).

Flop: 6 2 8 (t4190, 2 players)
Hero bets t955, Button calls all-in t955.

Turn: 2 (t6100, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t6100)

River: 4 (t6100, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t6100)

Final pot: t6100

Button had A 7

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