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I Love Quads

Was playing $5/$10NL at GreekTown Casino in Detroit, sat with $2K. Crazy table with lots of raising to $60 - $75 pre-flop, and the hands shown down were less than impressive. I have been playing well but was 2nd best all F'n night. Had QQ... he had KK. Had AQ.. he had AK.. Had TJ, flop came 89Q with two clubs, I make a small bet, everyone folds. One of those nights.. Until..

Limped in MP with 22, a few callers, BB makes it $75 to go (he is nuts!) and I call as does 2 others. Flop comes T62 rainbow (SWEET!) and BB fires out $200 into $300 pot. I peek at my cards.. make a fake move like I wanna muck.. think some more and call, others fold.

Turn.... a 2!! I look sad like I missed my guthsot. He fires $400 into $700 pot and again I agonize and just call. There are now 2 clubs on the board, so hoping he thinks I picked up flush draw with straight draw, or I have counterfitted 2pr.

River is.. Don't remember and who cares, I got quads bitch!!!!

He bets $600 into $1500 pot and has about $500 left. I think and think...and go all in. He freaks! Stands up.. talking to himself.. says to me "You have a 2 don't you? you hit a set?" I say..."I def. do not have set". He thinks for a while and says "I think my 2pr. beats ya, I call".

Music to my ears! Stacked him big time!

Poker is fun!

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