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Full Tilt Sucks ASS

Played both FTOPS events today and had bad beats on both to bust out. I know suckouts happen, but I cannot win on FT no matter what. I have never done well there and after FTOPS (already won seat to #19) I am done with FT for good.
First was KK vs. JJ and caught a J.
Second was top set vs. nut flush, and he hits runner runner straight!

I know "it happens", but I see more beats that are against the odds on FT than on PS or UB.

WCOOP #14 - Interesting hand

Played the WCOOP #14 $1050 event the other day and had an interesting hand..

Raised to 600 in early position woth 6 8 (my first mistake) and player next to act calls and everyone else folds. Its early in the event and we both have about $15K in chips and the blinds are 100/200. Flop is 7 9 x, flopped an open eneded straight flush draw. I fire $1200 and he calls, I put him on the flush draw at this point.
Turn is a K, I fire approx. $2500 into $3900 pot and again and he calls. River is a Q. Missed my flush and my straight. I know my 8 high is no good at this point, so I had to decide if I was going to fire or check/fold. He just kept calling so I know he missed his flush too. If he has the A with a J,T,8,6 or lower I think I can get him off the hand. If he has AK he may or may not call with just TPTK. If he has AQ, he has a harder time calling with the K on the board.
I decided to bet $3500 into a pot of $8900, which he insta-called and showed K Q , for top 2 pair. I lost half my stack on this hand very early on and never recovered.

So.. how bad did I play this hand? Would you have fired the 3rd bullet? Slow down on turn after he called my flop bet? Let me know.

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