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Commerce: LAPC/10-20NL Long Single Day TR

Commerce Casino
I drove up from SD to Commerce last Friday to play in the $545 NL event, some weird stuff happened and it might make for an interesting read. I get to Commerce around 11AM and buy into the 1pm event. The tourney room is pretty empty but I hear a $120 satellite starting and I jump in. In level 3 (100/200) there are 8 players remaining when this hand comes up: I’m in SB with t1600, dealt K8 spades. Lady in MP limps, button limps, I ship it in. Lady thinks about it and calls, button folds. She rolls over 52 diamonds, flop 528, no help and I’m down $120. (She won an $80 table right before this one so her poker ego was pretty big; I saw her bust out ten min later and in the next hr she lost three more $120 sats)

I decide to jump into another $120 and ended up getting in a $100 last longer with 4 others. Play is slow but we finally start losing people in level 3 and 4. There are five of us remaining (3 of the last longer guys), blinds 200/400. Folded to me on the button and I shove with Q10 suited for my last t2100, get called by AA in the big blind, -$220. I’ve been at commerce less than 2hrs and I’m down $885.

I take my seat at table 13 and play begins. My table was a couple experienced guys on my left and a sleepy Robert Turner on my right. (My first and only WSOP even was a $1.5k four years ago where I played scared money and busted pretty early; Robert Turner was at my table then as well. The two largest events I’ve played in and we have drawn the same table both times… weird.) I have to keep kicking him under the table when it is his action, and he gets a short stack pretty early. In the first five hands there is a player on the other side of the table who gets check-raised twice and folds both times, grumbling about not wanting to go out early. When he raises the next time I call from the small blind with A2 diamonds. Flop comes out A45 two diamonds. I check-raise him all in (I have him covered) and he folds AK face up after committing half his stack. I’m happy to take it down on the flop, and now my stack is growing. The next hand I really butcher; I played k10 hearts from the button and call off a big portion of my stack to see turn and river when I have pair, gutshot and flush draw in a 3-way pot. When I miss and the board reads j 9 7 10 2, I bluff half my chips after it is checked to me. I get called by a set of 7s and I’m sitting pretty low now. A few hands later I double up with KQ, then get KK the very next hand. I raise and get called by one player (one of the experienced guys, has been pretty active thus far). Flop is 9 10 4, I bet 75% pot he calls, turn 8. Without hesitation I ship it in (slight overbet of the pot) and he calls with the nuts and I’m drawing dead. This is the exact situation I have spewed off my chips in the last three big tourneys I’ve played in, (two FTOPS online and this one). I get a strong starting hand and play it way too fast. I am instituting a mandatory 15sec rule for myself that forces me to at least think about my play a bit more. The second I moved in I was like “WTF am I doing?” LAPC Tourney Room = -$885 for me.

I move downstairs and decide I should take advantage of the busy cash games before I have to drive home in traffic. Historically I have played the 5-10 and 3-5NL games at commerce and crushed them.

My first trip out was 4 yrs ago during the LAPC. I played two days in the lower limit games and took $1400 of my $2k profit to the 10/20NL game that my friend said was pretty soft. I sit down and before I can even order food I get dealt QQ. I raise preflop and get called by the large dude in a straw hat. He looks like a big lumberjack with his beard and hat, I’m guessing he was wearing overalls. Flop is Jack high and I bet out, he raises me and I shove the rest of my chips. He calls with one pair, flush draw and gutshot. He hits the 9 on the river to take my stack. I am stunned and slink back to the low limit area to grind it out again.

Back to last Friday. I am on the list for 10/20NL and a bunch of us start a new must move table, low and behold the same Lumberjack sits down. I am having serious Déjà vu with the same dud sitting in the tourney with me and now I sit in 10/20NL for the first time since that day 4yrs ago and the same dude who took my money is at the table again! I decide not to say anything to him, and two hands into the game I get moved to the main game. The only hand I get in the first half-hour is AA and I reraise preflop and everyone folds.
The big guy (I’ll call him Alaska because its shorter than lumberjack), gets moved to my table and he is splashing around. He bluffs one pot on the river and gets caught, then gets reraised and folds the next hand. He looks pretty steamed. I am dealt AK in the BB; two limps then Alaska raises to $220. I decide there is a good chance I have him dominated and I don’t mind gambling on a coinflip either and decide to push it in. He has $1200 more and I have him covered; he thinks about it for a while and calls with q 10 offsuit. Dealer quickly runs it out and he makes a straight! WTF? I don’t know if I’ll ever beat this guy.

I laugh it off and rebuy, it is a great table with lots of action and some huge suckouts putting people on tilt. I talked to him later about the hand 4 yrs ago and he remember the whole thing; there was a Philipino player at the table who has a knows Alaska pretty well I guess, (10/20 reg. I am told) who says he was at the table when that hand happened as well. The poker world is pretty small! I play a couple more hours and get in a couple interesting hands.

I watch seat 7 get all in with seat 8 for a $5k+ pot on a 6 high flop. Seat 7 shows JJ and seat 8 shows 77, turn is a 7…bring on the tilt! Seat 7 rebuys and plays every hand. When no one calls one of his raises I call from middle position with J7diamonds, I call his C-bet, turn-bet and $300 river bluff with 3rd pair. He instamucks and I don’t show my hand.
I am in late position with 6-4 spades, I have ~$1700. Pot is raised from the cutoff to $70 (Seat 7 from above), I call, BB Alaska calls. (Pot ~$220) Flop comes out 6 8 J, one spade two hearts. Cutoff c-bets $100, I call (thinking I might be able to steal this on the turn if a spade hits and I semi-bluff), Alaska calls. (Pot ~$520) Turn 4 of hearts. Not the card I was expecting, but when it is checked to me a throw out a bet to see where I am. I bet $150 (I’m still debating the bet size, my thinking was that by checking I was leaving the door open for one of them to bluff me out on the river, but I was pretty sure a large bet would be called by any heart. My plan was to check behind on the river and fold to any bet if a heart hits; on a non-heart river I would call if the tilty guy bet, but probably not if Alaska bet.) Anyway, the original raiser min-raises me to $300, I am getting a pretty good price and I think it is likely he has a pair with the nut draw so I call. River is a 6! He bets out $560 and I raise all in to around $1300, he calls and I take down his KQhearts for a nice pot.

I play Q10diamonds and flop top two, I bet flop and turn and get called by Philipino guy in both spots. I check the river hoping he will bluff at it with a missed heart draw, unfortunately he checks and shows AQ. I think I could have made another value bet and gotten paid off there, oops.

I raise to $80 with KK in late position, 4 calls including the philipino guy, seat 7 and Alaska. (~$340) Flop comes out 2 4 9 rainbow. Checked to me and I bet $260. This is where it gets interesting. Philipino guy goes all in for $1600+, Alaska folds, seat 7 calls all in $1150. WTF? I tank for a while. I am pretty sure seat 7 has a set, but it is less than $1k to match his bet. The other guys bet screams flush draw, but the flop is rainbow. I try to convince myself he might have JJ or 1010 and if I beat him I get the side pot of around $1k, but that just doesn’t fit. They call the clock on me and I lay it down. They turn over 3 5 offsuit and 2 4 offsuit (seat 7), lol. Turn 6, river 2, LOL!

I get some revenge on Alaska later winning around $800 off him in a few smaller pots before I need to hit the road, but he has gotten the best of me so far. Overall it was a fun day of poker, it always surprises me how action packed the cash games are at Commerce. I hope to get back up and play some 10/20 again soon. Any 2+2ers at that table?
Total for the trip: Tourneys -$885, Cash +$1120.

Cliffs: Donked off my chips in tourney and sats. Erased losses and turned small profit in cash games. Déjà vu twice in one day.


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