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From the Dealer's Box: My First Week!!!

Part of the Showboat Family
One of the things I was most afraid of when starting this new job was to not really fit in right away. At all the temporary tournament dealing jobs it took a long time to get accustomed to how they do things because they basically didn't care about us. Now I have a real job, but will the results be the same? The answer is a clear NO! Everyone made it a point to say hello and introduce themselves and welcome me to the team. Most even sat with me on breaks and asked me questions about myself. There are already a few dealers that I feel like I am going to become pretty good friends with. The supervisor who found and hired me is a little tougher as most of our conversations involve her telling me what I am doing wrong because I think she feels like she needs to mentor me. I love this. She is very knowledgeable and wants to mold me into a really good dealer and I am all ears. The other supervisors seem really nice and are a little more patient with me. They just ask me how I am doing and really don't point out much of what I am doing wrong.

Low Man
While I may feel like part of the team in regards to how everyone has treated and accepted me, I am clearly the newbie of the group. In Atlantic City during Winter, if you are not Borgata you are not a busy poker room. When I walk in during the week (I work at 11am which is called day shift) there are usually no or 1 2/4 LHE game running with retired people who tip when they remember to. It is obvious dealers want to deal cash games, people don't tip for shit in tournaments and they tip even worse in the Showboat daily ones. The toke rate this week was ~$3. I walked by a game where two guys chopped 6k up and I saw $40 on the table. Anyway, because of the lack of games running the dealers that have been there the longest obviously get to stay the longest thus make the most money. I being the low man on the totem pole gets forced out everyday. I worked 6 days and pulled in about 650ish in tokes, I have yet to get my paycheck I hope that is decent too.

I am in a great situation though. I was part of a mass group of applicants where a number of us were told we were going to be hired. There is a hiring freeze of sorts that seems to be on right now and randomly made it through. So I will have at least a month or two under my belt when these people come in and they will be getting forced out while I am working a full 8 hours (I hope, thats what a supervisor excitingly explained to me).

Game Off!
So I started thinking a lot about how I was playing and it was like garbage. I was playing probably a few too many tables too fast and started to play off from the the winning ways I had developed over the last year. I essentially put myself in the same spot I was when I started playing this game a year ago, and that is grinding 10NL just on the brink of moving up a few levels to where I can earn some serious money and FPPs/FTPs. I am taking a good long break going through a lot of my HH's and really putting in some work off the table. Hopefully I can develop a good base work ethic for when I come back to playing again, for now I want to focus on getting really solid at dealing. I seem to make one or two tiny mistakes each down. I don't like that.

First Big Purchase
I assume you guys would like to know what the first thing I bought with my tokes is? I finally ditched the 13" TV and got my ass a 37" flat panel LCD HDTV. It was partly a B-Day present from my rents (I am 23 on Thursday the 28th) but I am excited to have made the purchase. I dont have HD programing so the regular cable channels look eh, but I got a sweet DVD player which ups the DVD picture quality to 1080i so they look great. Also the xbox360 games look sick.

Awful Posting/Replying
I thought the split in the Full Ring Forum at 2+2 was going to be great for the forum as a whole and to a certain extent I think it far exceeded anyones expectations. Tons of new posters game out of the woodworks on the high and micro ends of the spectrum. The issue I have with it is the good/veteran uFR posters get hung out to dry. We have only ourselves to get good replies from nobody from higher limits are really coming down and giving good advice (I expected this). The worst part is that we get a ton of the most retarded posts like can I fold KK pf, can I fold this come on?! I expected these as well. The thing that bothers me the most is that when a good player posts a hand that he really is having trouble with he gets about 7 replies that have 0 thought put into them or they are from new posters who just agree with the guy who has the most posts. Guys please, spend some time thinking about what you are going to reply with its not a poker game you don't have a limited time to think about the right action to take. I am in the process of making a post the explains how a good replier replies to posts.

Alright guys, time for bed it's up early in the morning for another day at the office.

From the Dealer's Box: I'm Back and Finally Working

I'm Back

What's up guys? I decided to take a little break from blogging because I was running really bad and was pretty upset. I didn't feel like I would put a good effort into writing a decent blog so I decided I would just not write at all. I regret making that decision for a number of reasons, but the main regret is that every time I was down this blog helped lift me back up. Whether it was just getting some things off my chest by writing or the inspiring comments I got from my readers, I always felt better after writing a blog entry. Anyway, we got some catching up to do.

Since we last spoke, I was dealing the Borgata Winter Poker Open. That was an awesome experience. I was dealing the grave shift, I made a lot of good connections and I had an amazing time. One night they even sent me downstairs to deal cash games. Dealers all over the city basically wish they could deal cash at Borgata and I was able to. That was pretty awesome. I dealt to Hevad Khan and Chris Moneymaker in one satellite. Hevad was a really cool guy, Chris was a total prick and a huge donk (not that you all didn't know already). I also deal to Jamie Gold's mom who was a sweetheart of a lady. Let's hope Borgata calls me to come and work there in the future.

Running Awful, Playing Worse

After the tourney it was a goal of mine to put in a ton of hands in Feb and make a lot of money. I did the first so far, but not the second. I was on the verge of making a move to 50NL when I went on a 12 Buy In downswing and was forced to move down to 10NL where I am now. It took a lot out of me and to be honest I don't really look forward to having to play 3k hands everyday just to make silver status on Stars. The standard for this month is I am a pay of wizard and when I get my money in as a big favorite I get sucked out on.

Showboat FINALLY!

So finally after months and months of waiting the Showboat finally called me and I just started working yesterday. I put in about 9 hours of 1/2 tourney and 1/2 cash dealing and I made $136 in cash tips, not bad I guess. I made a few silly mistakes as I was pretty nervous, but I will calm down as the days go on so I am not worried about it. I am pretty excited, but I doubt I will have anything exciting to report as the highest game we run consistently is a 1/2NL game.

Looking forward to blogging more, probably more poker related from now on but I am excited to be back for sure.

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