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Running Bad/Playing Bad

xxrod17xx My last two sessions have been short and painful. Two days ago I played only 91 hands and got crushed for a little less than a buy-in. Every hand I raised was re-raised pf, my c-bet was called/raised, or they bet the turn on me. None of these players were getting out of line and I really had jack to do anything with so I really just had to lay these hands down. I ended up losing a big pot at the end of the session and I felt the tilt monster so I just said I will come back tomorrow.

My session last night was even worse. I didn't play my first maybe 25 hands dealt to me because I had garbage and most of the pots were either raised PF or the players in the blinds had huge VPIP's and very low Fold to Blinds Steal. So I said I will just play this session nice and tight and just get some value bets in there. I didn't really listen to myself. I slowplayed a flopped bottom's full house that I don't think I should have, to me it was a clear raise on the flop. Something has been up the last two nights. For one I had AIM open. I don't like to blame chatting with one person on AIM how is railing me about the lines I took and stuff, but I didn't have a single read really on any of the players at the table. The slowplayed bottom's full I knew I was suppose to raise but my mind wasn't clear and was racing with decisions on what I should do and all that along with telling my friend what I held so he can watch the hand play out from my perspective. I only played 86 hands and lost a little less than a buy in here. In two short sessions I lost 2/3's of my winnings since playing 25NL and also dropped my HUGE win rate from 21ptbb/100 to 5ptbb/100. Only like 800 hands (I one table for now).

I think it was clear when I was looking back at some of my winning and losing sessions what was going on. In my winning sessions I was just playing no other distractions. I was focused not tired I was really conditioned to play. My losing sessions I was either not as focus because of distractions or I was bringing things with my from life to the table. These are two mistakes that I have been making for a long, long time and I think a lot of other players make the same mistakes too. Some of you guys can play 12 tables. That is great, but I can't focus on 3, let alone IMing also. If I want to develop my game and get better at poker I need to talk about my sessions after and put more focus into the session that is in front of me right now.

Another thing came to mind, my work ethic has been lacking big time these last few days. For one, I am super stressed right now as dealers school is coming to an end and I don't know what is going to happen next. I have never really felt anxiety or was able to identify it when I have felt it before, but I think I am feeling it big time now. There are just so many ways my life can go right now, so many things up in the air that I am losing focus and getting lazy. Time to change that starting NOW!


EdmondDantes says

Couple of things. First, don't stress out too much about daily results. This game is about making good decisions and letting the math sort it all out. And that only happens over a much longer term than a couple hundred hands. Second, it's good that you recognize when distractions impact your game and take steps to limit then, but don't beat yourself up over it. Everybody has distractions--it's how you deal with them that separates you from the pack. And finally, don't stress about life after dealer school. Take it from someone who's been in some sticky spots, it's NEVER as bad as it seems and ALWAYS works out. about a post on what dealer school's like?


Anonymous says

Like the man says - look at the big picture - not just what happens day by day. It's great that you recognize the negatives. Try to compartmentalize your brain by leaving other issues in their own areas and just concentrate on your main focus of the moment - whatever it is at the time - the game - dealers' school - family - work - future - whatever. When you're playing - all of these other issues should be 'sleeping' until you decidee it's time to 'awaken' them. Also, am very interested in hearing about dealers' school.


Anonymous says

I agree with those two guys, keep getting your money in good and it will be ok. Clear your head and take care of one thing at a time. Good luck with school. Keep your chin up!


Anonymous says


I know distractions can get to you. I have a wife and two kids. Eeek! Just looking at your blog, your whole life has kinda been in flux over the last month or so. It's not surprising you're distracted and are having a hard time focusing. You know you can beat NL25. It's basically NL10 on FPS.

Life, just like poker, gets easier the harder you work at it. Keep on pluggin. PM me on 2p2 if you want to talk about hands or whatever.



Anonymous says

One good way from becoming distracted and losing focus is having a mental image of what it is that you're trying to achieve, and just don't allow any other thoughts in which are unrelated to your focus of the moment. When you start becoming distracted and various thoughts start creeping in, just bring that picture right back into your 'mind's eye' and you will achieve your goal/s.


Mr_Taterhead says

Stay focused roddie and everything will be ok. I for one cant stand someone who wants to chat on AIM while I am playing poker.

I would like to hear about dealer school as well.

Good Luck.


Anonymous says

I agree with BJ don't talk to that rail bum on AIM. He probably sucks at poker, and has nothing better to do with his free time than criticize your play. LolAIMaments! ummm yea so keep your head up. Keep analzyzing your play after your sesh's not during. Tell the AIM guy you'll talk to him after you finish your sesh, and if he bugs you tell him to multi-table, or go play Halo so he won't bother you.

Keep your head up and soon the cards will come.



xxrod17xx says

Just to clarify, he backs me in tourneys and hes not a bum. He is a very good player imo. I just think it would be better if we talked when i am not playing and not during. I am not blaming my loses on him because I IM back lol. The issue is on my end not his. If I feel I am losing focus I have to just tell him Ill talk to him when I am done, if I am still focused then I will keep talking about hands right after they finish while it is fresh in my mind.


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