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So long? (and thanks for all the fish)

This entry marks the first time I've gone more than a week in between updates since I've started blogging on Tworags two years ago. Throughout this time, I've been diligent in updating, even when I haven't had much to say, because I thought it was worth trying to document my life as a pro for myself and to keep my hand active in doing something intellectually stimulating.

The reason I haven't been doing it lately is that I've been mulling over whether it's time to end it. Over the last year, I've stopped enjoying the game as much as I used to. Part of it was a bad run I went on, but mostly, I think I stopped caring about getting better because, in a way, I've basically accomplished all I wanted to do years ago. I'd already won all of the biggest tourneys online I used to play regularly at least once, so the competitiveness I used to have just hasn't been there, and because the long run is a lot longer when the games are tougher, it'd take years to get back on top unless I wanted to put in more volume than I could reasonably sustain. Crunching the math for tax season recently, it also turned out that I don't actually need to play another hand of poker if I don't want to. So what was the point of doing what I was doing if it didn't make me feel any happier? I wasn't really sure and stepped away to reevaluate my life just before and during Cancun.

At the same time, a guy I'd known several years ago called me with an interesting proposal. As of last week, I have a new job at an Internet-based finance startup. The pay's not great and the hours actually make this thing a real job, but I have equity, the work promises to be interesting and there's plenty of things to learn, plus I'll actually be using this law degree I've got. If it fails, I'll be no worse off than before since I can afford the hiatus, and the EV of it succeeding is...pretty high. Worst comes to worst = I'll be right back here in three months.

I'm not done playing - in fact I'm two tabling LO8 for fun right now/will probably never quit ORSE as that's all way more fun than H ever was - and I'm probably not going to stop making videos or occasionally coaching people/posting on 2+2, as I still feel like I'm a solid teacher; if and when I get too rusty to do it well, I'll know it. I am, however, at least temporarily done doing this as a career.

It's been a lot of fun and I'm happy to have done it, but at least for the time being, it's time to move on.

Good luck, everyone.

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