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Adanthar Tomorrow will bring two things: the election of Barack Obama (no jinx plz) and the end of my year-long Intrade experiment. Although I'll leave some cash on the site to experiment with, it'll be the end of me obsessively refreshing every half hour, pouring over every poll internal and following returns by county while lining up the next state to roll over the profits according to the time their polls close.

I'll miss it :(

I promised myself I'd write a summary and postmortem of the Intrade experiment, and I'm already working on it in my head. It'll be a very long article that I will likely be putting up on the 5'th or 6'th, after my hangover wears off. It'll be interesting to see how much of what I write at the end of this long, strange trip applies in '10 and '12 - you can be sure I'll be back at it next time, probably using 100% of the cash I can spare.

In the meantime, here's who to vote for. If you're a McCain supporter, I apologize in advance. If you're voting for Obama, there's a party at my friend's house tomorrow - PM me for directions.

After that...time for poker. I'm already antsy to get some hands of cash in. It's been a while, but I haven't forgotten how to play and I'm anxious to prove it to a few MSNL regs :)


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