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Adanthar And so, after a year and a half or so, the story draws to a close...well, no it doesn't, because I'd give good odds on some DA deciding to charge Russ Hamilton with something or other within weeks and I won't even be surprised if anyone/everyone named in the story winds up subpoenad. Nevertheless, this chapter, at least, is over.

All in all, the whole thing took up a remarkable amount of time - several weeks of number crunching at the beginning, eight to ten interviews from then 'till now, and a lot of monitoring developments in between. It was definitely worth it, however; the story needed to be told, and as importantly, we as poker players needed to have somebody out in front of it.

Truth be told, our image did take a hit with 60M last night, although the Post was far more positive and basically a 100% success as far as I'm concerned. It was, however, a minor hit and a necessary one; we very badly need for this to be the last scandal and for the perpetrators to face consequences. Moreover, we also need to have the players send out a public request for regulation, and this enables them to do it without overusing the libertarian angle. As much as I've argued with them on the politics forums, I do respect this part of the libertarian mindset, but the truth is those arguments are not particularly persuasive to government officials - what *is* persuasive is that we've now shown that the stumbling block between the status quo and a clean gaming industry is the lack of regulation of that industry in the United States. BTW, while the number of Congressmen watching 60M is anyone's guess, it's a good bet that most of them do read the Washington Post.

In the near term, as I'm obviously done with this for now, I'll be watching from the sidelines and rooting for the PPA - they're not perfect, but they're what we've got, and they have certainly done a remarkably good job of lobbying so far. Being an impromptu spokesman was fun while it lasted, but at the moment, it's time to let a bona fide ex-Senator do the work.

Here's the good news: In the long run, I'm privy to a couple of pieces of information that are very good news for poker in the United States. That's as much as I can write for at least a few months, but the outlook is very decent, and much better than it looked as recently as six months ago.

With that, I bid the media adieu and go back to trawling Facebook for random old classmates who might've seen me on TV. Oh yeah, and the whole playing poker thing - I was really doing that for about a week, and even feel like going back to it tomorrow! Yay!

Next week's cool blog preview: CR pros get a free copy of the CTS $1800-pricetag miracle ebook. Bad news: we're not allowed to leak it (duh). Good news: we're encouraged to review it. So tune in next week for - omg - actual poker content!


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