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Writing well is hard

Adanthar In between regular sessions playing videogames and figuring out what I'm going to do Vegas-wise (current status: definitely playing the razzament, up in the air on everything else), I've now managed to complete about 90% of the book. It's 23 pages (the final first draft will now be > 30), 13K words (final ~16-17K), and - not to brag - I believe it's already the best razz book ever written even in its unfinished proto-state.

Writing it has taught me a lot about the writing process. First off, it turns out that writing carpal tunnel-inducing amounts of text is only possible for me if I take three hour blocks to do it. Any less and I ADD myself into ignoring the whole thing; any more and I manage to actually induce said carpal tunnel. It's also taught me the value of editing; although I'm an impeccable speller and always considered my grammar to be good, it's hard to spot myself repeating the same phrase or turn of words four times in four pages when I have to go back to the text after a couple of days' absence. But most importantly, I like doing this work. Whether I'm ever publishing this or not, it's not the last you'll see of me as a book writer.

Frankly, as I wrote a while ago, *this* book will most likely never see print, because it'd take way too much money or exposure to make me do it. However, last month, I promised P5's I'd do an article for them and was having trouble thinking of a good topic that didn't involve razz. In the end, I decided to adapt a problem from my book into a wider piece, to serve as a preview in the event I do release it somehow. That article is now at and is getting good reviews :)

I'll make a final decision on the book after the WSOP is over and I finish it (about another week to ten days.)


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