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Running Hot is Fun

2009 is off to a good start. I've been running hot at SNG's after starting to 8-table them and yesterday took 5th in the big pokerstars $5 rebuy for $3200. With February being almost over I have already played 1/3 my total 2008 tournament volume and am up $6700 so far in 2009. Always feels good to run unsustainably hot.

SNG graph:

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Not bad for a part-time poker donk.

Amusing Donk Enragement

So I made a pretty standard 12/180 play and made a new friend:

Poker Stars $11+$1 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t400/t800 Blinds + t75 - 8 players - View hand 44171
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Hero (SB): t10390 M = 5.77
dilsor (BB): t4565 M = 2.54
Shostyfive (UTG): t4580 M = 2.54
tknight71 (UTG+1): t2460 M = 1.37
bovis18 (MP1): t8735 M = 4.85
westerfield (MP2): t11619 M = 6.46
OLDMONEY313 (CO): t1130 M = 0.63
bjhill626 (BTN): t13085 M = 7.27

Pre Flop: (t1800) Hero is SB with J 8
1 fold, tknight71 raises to t2385 all in, 4 folds, Hero raises to t3970, 1 fold

Flop: (t6170) 3 8 T (2 players - 1 is all in)

Turn: (t6170) 9 (2 players - 1 is all in)

River: (t6170) 3 (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: t6170
Hero shows J 8 (two pair, Eights and Threes)
tknight71 shows K 7 (a pair of Threes)
Hero wins t6170

tknight71 [observer] said, "you dumb azz calling station"
tknight71 [observer] said, "your a freaking idiot"
tknight71 [observer] said, "get them ugly azz kids off your pic"
tknight71 [observer] said, "you have no buisness playing"
brad2002tj said, "sorry i outplayed u"
tknight71 [observer] said, "dumb fuuuuuuuckkkkkk"
tknight71 [observer] said, "out played, you made dumb azz calls and got lucky"
brad2002tj said, "best hand won"
tknight71 [observer] said, "wrong,,,k7 u had j8"
tknight71 [observer] said, "stupid"
tknight71 [observer] said, "you got lucky"
tknight71 [observer] said, "go suckkkk yourself"
brad2002tj said, "best hand won u got ouplayed"
brad2002tj said, "it was 50/50"
tknight71 [observer] said, "you will never get it...too stupid"
brad2002tj said, "either i would win or not"
tknight71 [observer] said, "you suck and you know it...."
tknight71 [observer] said, "go back to playing bingo stupid"
tknight71 [observer] said, "if you want to play the lotto, go buy a ticket"
tknight71 [observer] said, "you freaking dogball licking idiot"
brad2002tj said, "<3"

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