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April: So far, So good

brad2002tj In addition to a 33rd place finish in the Pokerstars Sunday Hundred Grand and some other deep cashes, grinding $12/180 turbos on stars has been going really well. These tourneys are known to be high variance and can be really frustrating when not running good. However, they are easily beatable long term and I have had good overall results. I'm up over $2k overall for April so I hope to continue this run going into WSOP-C in New Orleans.

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Coincidentally, I am not really bankrolled for the WSOP-C $500+50 event I am playing May 9 so if anyone would like to make a one-time staking arrangement I would be interested. I finished 3rd in the event in November but unfortunately had bills to pay with my winnings.


Pooojo33 says

Congrats dude, I'm going to try and play in one or two of the N.O. circuit events also. Have you gone the SNG rout at Harrah's to qualify? I'm not bankrolled either but I would really like to play live again so I might try and sat. into some of the events.
Also, they've just added some "second chance" tourneys that start pretty late that I might try. I played one at the Beau and they had some really horrible players and I'd expect they will have the same at Harrah's.

PM me with any details or ideas, I'll be around when the circuit gets there. Mostly on the weekend cause I've got a regular job....blah


brad2002tj says

The SNG's are soft no doubt, but I don't fly in until the morning of the event #1. My girlfriend will be there with me so #1 is probably all I'll get to play other than Harrah's super-soft late-night $1/2 NL cash game.


St_Lucifer says

very nice man... keep it up


lakeoffire says

Very nice graph and GL in NO!


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