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Has anyone been able to use the "new" pokerdb, since BLUFF took over?

"That's Poker"

Lately, it seems the tournaments where I get hit by the deck early, I've been losing late. I played a donkament the other day and had 2 full houses, a nut flush, trips and turned quads...all by the 3rd level. 'Course, I was out by the start of the 4th level.

7,500 gtd on BoDog
Average 2200
blinds 25/50

UTG raises 110 (big stack)6k
2nd Pos calls 110 (2400)
Hero mid pos (AA) raises to 540 (2300)
UTG labors and calls
2nd pos instacalls
Flop 569 rainbow
UTG bets half pot
2nd pos pushes
Hero calls. UTG folds. 2nd pos shows 78o.

I'm not completely clear on the concept, but I think I'm owed a lot of G-bucks.

Were you really calling with J8o ?

I have played the 11:30a $25 rebuy tournament at Hollywood Park twice in the last couple of days and what a marshmallow it is! It is impossible to raise without at least three callers from any position. No kicker/no problem reigns sumpreme! You get 300 starting chips and for $20 rebuy you get 1000 chips. I play the cards mostly but the players make it easy to play them, too. Here are a couple of hands from the last one.

Blinds 50/100
average stack 1200

I raise 500 2nd pos with KK
Mid pos reraises all in with 44.
I win!

Blinds 200/400
Average 3200
I raise 4bb with AA (mid pos)
BB calls
Flop Q 9 10
BB pushes (wtf?)
I call and he shows j8o for the straight.

I cashed in the first tournament and bubbled the 2nd and will definitely be back.

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