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If there were only four cards to a flop, I'd win every one. That's all...

It's Good to Know the King.

I spent the last few days in Fresno visiting Ed (aka the Rake, Bugsy, Moe Green) and had a great time. I don't write many trip reports for fear my literary talents will be discovered and The New Yorker will try to retain me. I don't write for money, only for the love of ruining perfectly good it goes.

While I was there, I placed 5th in the nightly rebuy tournament (about 70 runners) which was alot of fun. I noticed people really like second pair and will call to the river. I was let in cheap constantly by min-raisers off my button or blinds and continually demolished the flop, which led to many new friends :(...AA no good sir. At the final table I was CL when this little gem came up. UTG min-raises and I look down at JJ. I push, MP pushes, and UTG calls with plenty of chips to wait for a better hand. MP shows AJ and UTG turns over Q10 (wtf). Runner, runner flush and JJ < Q10 (He told me he "had a feeling"; itmade me feel much better about his Nostradamus-like call). I was promptly dispatched with A8 the very next hand, but I really did have a great time.

"The Rake" has the casino is running like a well-oiled machine. The room is large, comfortable and very busy. They offer everything from 1/2 to 15/30 limit and 1/1 to 2/5 and up NL. The dealers are friendly (most are pretty) which helps when I am folding alot. I didn't see any big mistakes in the three days I played there. I did notice that some players really disliked being trapped...oops. I only waited about 15 min for 1/1 NL and 2/2 NL.

The food is great with American and Asian dishes to choose from. The wait staff were very friendly (maybe cause I was with Edmond), but it seemed the waitresses were familiar with everyone. The whole casino has a more welcoming feel now.

If any of you guys are planning a trip to Club One let me know I will try to meet you there. It's worth the trip. You can go to Yosemite during the day or Sequoia National Park and play poker all night. Sounds great to me, Cya there.

Kick In The Ass

I was eating dinner with Ed and Shaun deeb at the Commerce yesterday and they had a laugh at the volume of tournaments I play. I quit playing tournaments a couple months ago and started sng's. Well, the ridicule worked. I played not 1, but 2 tournaments today with my sng' I took 1st in the FT $10 tourney with about 230 runners and final tabled another. Along with my other games it was a good day. I think i'll start a real schedule and will keep you posted. Thanks guys!

Who among you?

I am looking forward to the LAPC this year, yet again. I hope to see a few of you show up for the series. For the past few years I have played the SnG's and took home a little money but have yet to go really deep in a major event at the LAPC. Although, I have watched my friend (who will remain nameless)...ED, go deep in more than a couple. Who among us will go the deepest? Maybe this year will be different, who knows. I do know it's gonna be a great couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Good luck.

Great new look!

I am prowling around the new format and it looks great! Best room reviews on the web...thanks guys!
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