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1K pot. Sick hand!

I was playing a 1/2 game at the Imperial Palace on my off time while I was in Vegas. The poker room is new at IP , and the action is not bad. The 1/2 game plays like a 2/5 and a 5/10 at times (200 max buy-in). The first night I was up about $500 for a couple of hours, so I thought I would try again. The table had two guys who were very aggressive, raising every hand and chasing every draw, no matter what the cost.

Here is a big pot I think is worth talking about. I was in 2nd pos with 66 when it was raised utg by crazy iPod having, gold rim glasses wearing, guy. I called $20, and there were two more callers. The flop was K610. UTG checks, I lead right out for $60. MP raises to $120 and LP calls. I have about $450 behind and move all-in. MP labors for a while and folds. LP labors even more and calls...WTF?. I am really hoping a doesn't fall, but whatta ya know, BAM! a on the turn. I am hoping at this point he has the A and a blank king (he hasn't turned his cards up yet). Here comes the river, the largest I have ever seen, the table faded into the background, and then I got a little dizzy. I stood up thinking, you chasing mutha, mutha, but he didn't turn his cards over. He held the cards for what seemed like two minutes while I was choking down the vomit in my throat. Finally, he mucks! What? You're mucking after all of that? I raked the 1K pot while muttering to myself... what was he doing?

Good luck everyone at the WSOP!

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