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Chop? Are u serious?

I'll have a couple of trip reports coming soon on my trip to Tahoe and Reno, but first I need to vent about a situation that came up yesterday. I went to Hollywood Park to try for my third win in a row. There were 95 entrants, and things weren't looking good by the 4th level. Finally, I flopped 2 pr on the BB for a big pot, and then had pocket AA hold up. Once I got some chips, I started to move in position. I told myself i would start stealing right before the bubble...and I did. I had a pretty big stack when we were down to about 17 players when people started to play back at me (bastards!). I lost about 8k, but managed to make the final table with about 16 big blinds--plenty for me to work with.

As soon as we're seated, I hear someone say "u wanna chop?" (9 handed). What? Are you kidding me? I object, but everyone else AGREES. I finally gave in, but I thought this was ridiculous. I have never chopped 9-handed and don't intend to again. Should I have just stood my ground and let them be pissed? In my mind I assumed they would all be gunning for me if I said no, but I guess I could have used it to my advantage. Any comments appreciated.


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