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Not getting hit by the deck late in an MTT

I am a better than average mtt player, but I have a question I would like some feedback on. I make it deep in a lot of mtt's, but it seems like there is something more I should do when I go card dead. Does anyone out there bet hard on an open ended str9 or flush draw late in a tourney for about half of your stack? How often should i do this or should I do it at all? Thanks.
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Aladdin Tournament

I just got back from Vegas and while I was there i had time to play in a $50 rebuy at the Aladdin. The "room" is small because it is under construction but don't let it stop you from checking out a few games. Tourists abound! The hotel will be Planet Hollywood soon--that's the reason for the construction. The staff was nice and were very helpful. I like the hotel because it's reasonably priced and centrally located on the Strip.

I took 6th place in the tournament and would have done better but it was one of those days that the bb always had a hand which made it difficult to steal from the button. In this tournament, I recommend raising your good hands a large amount (5xbb) because you will get a call or two. Don't get too creative, though, because you don't have to. A simple check and an all in worked for me on a few occasions.

Overall, I like the Aladdin, but if you want great food you might have to walk across the street. With the construction, there are not a lot of good places to eat in the casino area yet. Thanks for reading!

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