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I was Hustled.

lakeoffire I agree that the new tournament room at the Hustler is very nice. The new light brown or tan colored tables makes it easier to see the cards when I am in seat 3, 4, 7, or 8. Comfortable chairs and the extra space makes it easier to get in and out of your seat, and the room is well lit.

I also played in the Weds night tournament and noticed the play is really bad early in the tournament. In the middle of the tournament, I had my stack up to about 6,500 when i raised a medium stack on the BB [5xbb] with AKs. He called and flop came K64. He checked and I bet half the pot hoping to keep the hook in when he raised all in! I called the all in, and he showed 86o (wtf?). The river, of course, was the ugliest 8 I've ever seen. I understand the semi-bluff on flop, but the call preflop steamed me a little. I finished the tournament somewhere between 35-38th after a couple more choice hands, but overall I was happy with my play.

On a different note there are a couple Poker After Dark links someone posted with James Woods and Phil Hellmuth, I really enjoyed the one with Phil especially. Check them out.



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