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2500 GTD Ultimate Bet

lakeoffire I started playing UB again today. It's been a while since I've played there, but I'm pretty happy I did. I won a couple $20 sngs and played in the $2500 GTD MTT. I played tight almost to the second break and then opened up a bit using position. I have a couple BB questions someone might be able to answer. I took 3rd in the tourney (if it wasn't for luck, blah, blah, blah!)...

Blinds 1500/3000

Me BB, 5th in chips around $18,000

SB limps. I have K3

K on turn and I bet pot, SB re-raises. I fold. No draw or str8 on board.

This situation occurred more than once, fortunately not enough to damage my stack. What would you do?


Lake of Fire


EdmondDantes says

LoF, here's my take on it. I tread carefully with top pair, lousy kicker from the blinds especially if I'm deep and it's late in the tournament. If I'm against one player who limped or raised from late position, I might play back at him to see if he likes his hand. If I got a lot of resistance though, I'm done. I hate exiting a few spots from the money with K3o v KTo and looking like a dope. That said, if I'm short and heads up against one guy, I'd likely go all the way with it. Use your head and you'll be fine.



joelgittel says

If you have a K-rag hand in SB I would fold if there is any action in front of me. In BB don't call raise with this type of hand. In your situation I think you are fine. I might have checked turn and bet/called river, but nothing wrong with bet/fold.


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