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Not getting hit by the deck late in an MTT

lakeoffire I am a better than average mtt player, but I have a question I would like some feedback on. I make it deep in a lot of mtt's, but it seems like there is something more I should do when I go card dead. Does anyone out there bet hard on an open ended str9 or flush draw late in a tourney for about half of your stack? How often should i do this or should I do it at all? Thanks.
Lake of Fire


lakong says

During a long MTT tournament there will be plenty of times when you don't get cards. It's during these periods where you need to find a way to keep your stack from falling too low. You can try raising from position with any two cards, calling raises from position and then trying to freeze the player into checking to you on the flop and then taking down the pot, or 3 betting with postion either PF or on the flop when you sense weakness. Remember that most times in Hold'em nobody has anything great, at least not great enough to risk their tournament on. So try to recognize when a player is weak and take advantage of their weakness.


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