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WSOP Day 3 table lineup

doesnt look to scary..

Veronica Dabul 22,500 B44 01
Nath Pizzolatto 38,700 B44 02
Ron Agar 55,800 B44 03
Robert Fuller 64,900 B44 04
Noble Simpson 85,100 B44 05
Andreas Torbergsen 114,500 B44 06
Marc Podell 142,500 B44 07
Roder Lorenz 93,200 B44 08
Andrew Rosskamm 133,300 B44 09

going to look them up online, but happy with my table.

WSOP Day 2b results - on to day 3

Today was a up and down day. Started with 106K, got to $140K, down to $50K, and ended at $142K.

I was at a table with David Oppenheim and Antonio.. and sandwhiched between antonio and another big stack.

I get into a sick hand with David Opp. He had been open raising a lot of pots and being aggresive. So i limp UTG with 56off (yeah i know...) David raises to $1600 and I call. Flop is AJ4. I think for a min like i have a monster and check. he bets $4K and I call. Turn is a 7 and gives me open ended. I check and he best $8800. Any other card and I can get away from it. But i have been representing a big hand and now have a draw. So i call, planning on leading the river no matter what.

The river is an 8 giving me the straight. I know he doesnt have 9T, so I know I have the nuts. I check, he bets $16K and I debate what to bet. I thought about a min raise, but then to get max value, decided on $40K to maybe look like i missed and was buying it. He eventually folded.

I built easily up to about $120K. then lost a huge hand.
had Qs8s on the button and with a few limpers saw a flop of Js4s8c. checked to hijack who bets a weak 2500. With my big draw, i semi-bluff $7500 to see whats up. he calls.

turn is a 9d giving me a gutter. he checks and this is where i F'd up. I should have checked behind. but no... staying aggressive and trying to rep a big hand, i fire $20K. he calls and has $15K more.

River is a blank, he checks and i put him all in. he calls painfully and tables AA.

I could have checked behind on the turn and river and saved almost $40K. now I am down to $60Kish.

I get moved to a new fairly soft table. I have one huge hand. Raise in MP with QdTd and get 1 caller, the big stack. Flop is Jd9dTc, giving me open ended straight flush and middle pair. I bet $4500, he makes it $10K, i make it $30K, he goes all in and I call. he has KQ for nut straight. Turn is a blank and 8d on river for straight flush.

Nothing exciting after that, ended with $143K good for 355th out of 1315 left.

WSOP - Day 2b - Updates

We're waiting for some Voice Updates, but we have heard from Podiman via text messaging and he's hanging in there. Here's a link to his chip count movement per Poker News:

Chip Count Progress

He had a rocky day, going down quite a bit when he got it all in against a shorter stack with a great draw and missed, but later in the evening he made it all back and then some when he flopped a big draw with QTs, got it all in again for his tournament life and hit the straight flush. He's current in very good shape with 142,500.

Could I be at the Feature TV Table???

Speaking to a group of players and they were talking about my table. Said that there is a good shot they choose it for the TV table.
Once the tables are drawn, ESPN goes through them and decides which one would be the best. I went through the entire 2b list and have to agree, our table, with 2 pros and 4 big stacks would certainly fit.
They also said that you get $10K for wearing a FT or PS logo.. that would rock either way! So.. just have to wait and find out.
Off to bed...

2/5 at the Wynn - how to more than double up in 20min

So I just sat down at 2/5 maybe 15min ago. I buy $1000 in chips, and look around. Decent stacks, so I put another $1k in cash behind.

5th hand in, I squeeze KK in MP. Raise in front of me to $30. Player next to me had told me he is very aggressive. So I pop it to $100. Tiny asian girl thinks and thinks, almost mucks, and calls. Raiser just calls.
Flop comes K66... Sweeeet!!

Tiny asian girl bets $125, kid calls, Are you serious?? I call.

Turn is 7.
Tiny asian goes all in for about $450, kid calls!! What?? So I look at his stack and he's got about $700 left. Pot is huge and pretty sure he's committed. AK? AA?, So I go all in. He gives a pained look, thinks for about 20seconds and calls. I show my KK. And thankfully no one has 66.

River is a 3.
She shows 33
He shows AA.

15min in and scooped $4100 pot.

While I was just typing this on my BBerry, called a raise on the button with KJ. Pot is $100.
Flop is QT4, raiser bets 30, I call as does tiny asian girl.
A on turn, he bets 50, I make it 150, she shoves for 240, he folds and I call. I show and she mucks.

Now have $4600...and I've been here less than 25min.

I hope I run this good on wednesday!!
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