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I love 72!

Podiman We added the "72 (seven duece)" to our home game the same way they do on HSP, except we only pay $5 (2/5 game). We have seen our fair share or winners and losers, but I have been waiting patiently to make this play. Let me start by saying that all the 72s that have won, were on big pre-flop raises or big flop bets/raises. So....

I get dealt AA in the SB (BINGO!) and knew immediately what I was going to do, as I have been waiting for months to make this play. UTG limps in, as do 4 others putting the pot at $32. I raise to $45, UTG folds and next person who had limped eyes me funny. I KNOW he thiks I have 72, which is why i raised the way I did, just to make it look that way. He calls as does 1 other. Now.. this guy that called me loves to play back at me, cause I have pulled some big bluffs on him and shown it. Plus, he has adopted a new style of being very aggressive, betting at everything to test you, but he doesn't know when to back off (does it get any better than this??)

The flop comes 944 rainbow (sweeet!). I decide that there is no that either of these guys calls pre-flop with a 4 in their hand (34, 45 or A4 suited) and if they did, well heres my money....

The pot is $167 and I bet $130, he thinks and thinks and thinks. He asks me if I have 72 and i purposely hold my breath and freeze perfectly still (i know he read Navarros book on tells...) Finally someone calls time, and he goes all in for $533 total. The other player folds, I insta-call and turn over my AA and he shows AK. Ship it!! But a King on the turn gives him 2 outs and just to cover my ass... we run it 3 times and he misses, now SHIP IT!

No one had made this play which is why it worked so well. Everyone couldn't beleive I had AA nor put me anywhere near that hand. I love the way 72 can change a game.

One more.. separate post..


Anonymous says

yeah man;I know what you mean.


Anonymous says

Nice pot!


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