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Not Borgata cooler, but Borgata FREEZER

Podiman I have never, ever, ever been bent over and f’d as hard as I have today. I was up $1K yesterday playing 2/5 here at Borgata and played well. Was really excited for the $2K deep stack.

So.. We started w/ 30k chips and 50min levels. No major hands but chipped up to 36K when this came up. Blinds are 50/100, in the BB with Ad4d, MP makes it $350, 2 callers in front of me, I call. Flop is Kd2d7c. I check, original MP makes it $800, both fold and I call. Turn is 8d giving me the nut flush. I bet out $2200 and he calls. 2h on the river, I bet out 5K, he makes it 10K, and I am sick. Can I fold?? I can’t, I call and he shows KK for a full house. Can you fold here??

Same AdXd in SB and with 5 limpers, so I limp as does BB. Flop is 8d9d5s, I check (Should I have led out here???) someone bets 400 with 3 callers and I call.. Turn is 5c, and checked around.. Jd on river, I bet out $1500 and get raised to $5K. again the board is paired, so I just call and she shows TdQd for straight flush. At first all I see is the Q high flush and think I have won the pot, anal raped again.

I am down to $12K. Thank god I keep chipping up or I would be toast. I lose a few small pots/hands, blinds antes and I am getting short. I have 6K at 200/400 and 25 (or 50) ante. I raise UTG+1 with JJ to 1600 and get 2 callers. Flop is Qd4c2c, I only have a little over 4K and the pot is over 5K, so I push all in, fist caller tanks for a min and calls other folds. He shows Kc5c! Turn is 9d, phew. River is a J, I hit my set, too bad it’s the Jc and I’m out.

So then I take a break, go eat, go to the room to get my $$ and go down to play 5/10. Anyway… it just continues to get worse. Raise with AK get 2 callers, flop is KT4, he had 44, lost $800. Had KK, raised to $110 after 4 limpers and get 2 callers. Flop is JT2, yep, he called pre-flop with TJ. Down another chunk.

Then the doooosey.. in BB with TT, UTG+1 makes it $60, 3 callers, and I call. Raiser is tight, so I don’t want to re-raise here. Flop is a dream, T72 RAINBOW. I check. UTG checks? WTF? Next player bets $150, next guy calls, and I call, UTG folds. Turn is 7 giving me a boat. I check and checked around. River is 5, I check!! I just knew these guys would bet. Player bets $150, next min raises to $300. I raise to $900, original bettor folds, and then he re-raises back to $1500. I am about to shove and I just know he has 77. Again.. can I fold? Do any of you fold?? I want to shove, but the way my day has been.. So I just call and you guessed it, he shows 77. So.. do I just call the $300min raise like a NIT cause he "might" have 77? Or do you all raise like I did with boat? After his re-min raise, do you fold? can you fold???

Next.. Raise UTG+2 with 2 red queens to $75 and get 2 callers. 2nd caller has been calling me all day and plays back at me almost every hand to test me, and its gone back and forth. Flop is JT3 with 2clubs. This guy leads out for $125 and I put him on AJ, KJ. I raise to $525 and have $600 left. Should I have just shoved? There are 2 clubs.. but anyway, I just raise to $525. He goes all in, WTF? I call and he has 33 for bottom set. Two running clubs, but both my dirty whores are red. Bitches.

The whole time at this 5/10 table, AK, AQ, JJ, over and over, and couldn’t get a flop, I have AK, flop is 854, I have 66, flop is AKT....

Anyway, the $5K I was up for the past month is toast and stuck a bit more on top, guess its time to rebuild that. I hate poker.


EdmondDantes says

Tough day. My thoughts...

I think you can fold the first A4 hand. He raised from MP pre-flop. He bet the flop and slowed up when the third hit, but hit the accelerator when the board paired. What's he got that you can beat given the action? A deuce? A smaller flush with the Q? Unlikely. It's tough to fold the nut flush, obv, but given the action and board, you can make a case for it here.

For me, the 2nd hand is tougher to get away from. With four players in the hand and light action on that draw heavy flop, I'm not giving credit for a set. I call the river expecting to see a smaller flush or a straight, unfortunately, it's a nasty combo of the two.

The JJ hand called by the the K5 is a bummer. With 10x the blinds, I probably just shove pre-flop.

On the TT hand, you can't fold the river, but what's with all the checking in a multi-way pot on the early rounds? Get some money in! The min-raise action at the river is contemptible, but I'm calling there 100% of the time as-played. In all likelihood, I would've stacked off on the flop or turn.

As for the QQ hand, that's a tough one. When he re-raises you, you're in trouble. He's not doing that with AJ or KJ given your PF action. Best you hope for there is KQ and you're a dog to that hand.

Repeat: Tough day.


Podiman says

yes you are right.. I should have folded first nut flush, part of becoming a better player. Question.. would you lay it down face up to help establish a table image?

On the TT hand, here is my thinking..
Dont want to re-raise PF, as orig raiser is tight and I could easily be dominated, I like my call here. On the flop, I think my check is right play and after the $150 bet and call, I still like my smooth call. What am I scared of? Only 89, and if a J or 6 comes, I can check, call to see the river. When the 7 comes, again like my check. As for the river check. I have been acting weak all hand, maybe they put me on the 89 hand. I know that both these players are aggressive and one of them will bet, I had no doubt. I guess the good news is that I lost the min. Had I raised on the flop or bet the turn, I would have stacked off. I saved $1,500.


lakeoffire says

Really rough! Can't fold the first hand with the nut flush, too much $ out there and only five more to call. I think betting the draw in the second hand (oop) would have been a mistake, the hand played out like I would have wanted it to( 4 people building the pot), except for the end result of course. I think you played them fine


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