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Caesars 7pm Tourney Report (long)

Caesars Palace
I finished class a little past 12:30 and stuck around the corporate office till 2 pm wrapping things up and saying goodbye to my Vegas crew. I'd decided that I wanted to check out the Goddard Gallery at the Aladdin so off I went. For some strange reason, I missed the turn at Trop and Eastern and flew right past Flamingo, which landed me in strange territory. But no worries, you can see the strip from everywhere right.... I ended up on Twain, then Industrial and by the time I made it back to the strip, I realized how much time I'd lost.

Not wanting to play cards in "work garb" I made the obscene decision to head back to Sunset Station for a jeans/ballcap change, then head back out. Well, by the time I actually got back to the strip and parked, it was already 5pm...

I found the parking garage with little trouble and the walk to the poker room was a much better than the MGM marathon trek! But I still suggest planning your drive and parking WELL in advance

Made my way to the room and got signed up for a players card but had to wait around for them to open the tourney up for registration. The lady at the cashiers desk was VERY curt, not friendly at all. The young lady helping with the players card and getting the tourney opened was nice however, balanced out I guess.

I was meeting my poker buddy Cindy and her friend John at 6pm so I figured I had just enough time to walk over to the Aladdin and check out the Goddard gallery, and damn glad I did! It's not a long walk at all but I feel I've logged the miles this week between conducting classes and walking the poker room-parking treks!

I made my way over to the gallery and was able to peruse the numerous pieces displayed along with some bronze pieces from Tim Cotterill, of which I got one for Christmas I really dig Goddard, it's not everyone's cup of tea but I've always been a fan of pop-art, like Warhol and Peter Max, so add in the gambling schtick and I'm HOOKED. I'll be purchasing the artists proof version of "Flaming Full House." It's a 100 dollar bill with burning pieces of a full house busting out of the center of the bill, very cool stuff. There was also a piece there entitled, "Hold 'Em." You have to see it to believe it, but if you're into the slang, the visual representation of the terms is something to see!

Cindy and John actually met me at the gallery and I introduced them to the wonderful world of Goddard After hanging out for a bit, we headed back to Caesars and got back a lot quicker that I would've imagined so we staked out the tables and talked cards before the 7pm kickoff. Sucks, but all 3 of us ended up at the same table, but oh well....only 38 runners. I was really expecting more players, but maybe it's partly due to what's going on in town and partly due to being a Thursday nite, I sure am looking forward to seeing a little larger turnouts. Seems that room wasn't that busy in general.

I was impressed with the size of the room, the Neiman paintings lining the entrance and the numerous boxing pictures around the main room. Nice, large flat-screens appropriately positioned around the room. The "famous players" pictures hanging in the tourney room along with the "WSOP" chairs was kinda cool to see for a 1st time visitor to the room. I liked the fact the that the chair height was adjustable the no marble ring around the table made things a little more comfortable as well. Plenty of room between the tables and the food service seemed to be taken advantage of quite frequently. Drink service ABSOLUTELY SUCKED, especially for the number of people in the room at the time, atrocious! And not that I give 2-chits about how they look, if that is a concern for you, LOOK ELSEWHERE! I was VERY suprised that an announcement had to made at 3 separate occasions to stop smoking, but they were on top of it right away.

So, 38 runners, 4 tables, 9 that was new! Started off with T4500 as I rebought right away as did most others, but not everyone. Seemed to be more tourists/business people that locals, decent mix. 5 get paid and it's DAMN top heavy, guess I'm used to seeing those on-line payouts, but not here 40%, 25%, 15%, 12% and 8%.

I had a pretty decent first 2 levels, catching AKo 4 times. Twice I got heads up and made a standard cbet on a blank board and had to back off when I got check-called. One I flopped 2-pair in position but with the board 2-flushed and 3 players in, the raise took the pot down. The 4th AK, ended up with me in position 4-way into a T1200 pf pot. Checked to me on a paired rags board and I fire out 800, getting one caller. Queen hits the Turn and he checks again. I'm just not getting the "he has a hand feeling" so I announce, "two-thousand" and he folds before I can stack off the chips, shoving me a decent pot.

The hand that directly followed, found me with pocket 3s facing an EP raise, and since I'd just ran that 2-barrel'd bluff, I just didn't feel like playing for set value. I'm sure you can guess what happed....flopped a boat and it took several Coronas to get the puke taste out of my mouth, especially when I saw the action that followed....fark me

Queens and K6s rounded out the 1st 80 minutes. Had a loose calling station on my left who opened to 300 utg and heads up from the bb, I made the call. Not too scary of a flop, I check-called his weak bet. Check-check on the turn. Blank River and he weak bet again after I checked. I'd paired my 6 on flop and decided it was the best hand, so planned on check-raising and it worked like a champ as we wondered aloud if his 5s were any goot We headed off to break and I had nearly doubled my starting stack.

The next 2 levels were a WHOLE different story. I was moved to balance out tables and after paying the blinds the table was broke and was moved again, right into the bb....fark me again! Had a GOOFY, vicodan popping, asinine specimen of woman on my right playing with the crapiest of crap cards and taking down pots. Unfortunately I learned this after trying wrestle my bb out of her sb hands, and the ponytail on my left figured what the hell, my sb stand wasn't going to get respect either. So after donking off about 1k in chips and paying back-back sets of blinds, I went into lock-down mode and tried to secure my footing.

I'm not able to do much of anything but stay afloat taking down a sb v bb pot when I flop 2 pair and raising in position after 2 limpers with AQs. Locals may recognize Mitchell who was at my table and seemed like a solid player who moved here several months back, seemed to know a lot of people and they - him. He's in the real estate biz.

I keep myself afloat but with only 5 paying that's not what I needed or wanted, but with the table, there wasn't much else I could do

Sometime after 11pm the final 9 are finally formed up and Loud Sideburns (Elvis Chops) is about to pee his pants, near literally CRYING for us to break. There's 12 minutes left in the 600/1200/100 level but Jed (very nice Floor, very accommodating and personable) gives in and we head off for 10 minutes.

We regroup and I'm one of 3 short stacks remaining, can't sit back, but hell, I've been looking to push for several orbits and just haven't been able to. Damn sure wasn't my goal to limp into the final 9 with only 5 getting paid, and 5th being only double the buy-in. I post and lose my bb, leaving me with a paltry T8100 or so. Table folds to me in the sb and I spy QTo and figure this is MORE than plenty to pick up some chips. I push and after some contemplation the bb calls, chit! He tables A7o (WTF?) and I get no help....I liked the 40 minute blinds but going from 200/400/50 to 400/800/100 to 600/1200/100 seemed VERY quick!

There's a "2nd Chance Drawing" for all tourney players that takes place 1 hour after the tourney ends. Essentially they draw a name and if you're in the room playing at a cash table, you get $700...nice! What the hell, I only have a conference call to attend on Friday (today-now) at noon, FLOOR....

Cash game details (not near as long) to follow it takes a while to type this things out!



Anonymous says

Nice report. It's frustrating to outlast most of the runners, get to the final table and have nothing to show for it except for a good trip report. My only issue is the QT hand. You weren't that much of a dog to A7. You need to practice a bit so the next time you're faced with that matchup at a final table you'll have a better shot of sucking out.

Keep up the good work!


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