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Vegas Trip - TI Tourney and George Carlin

TI (aka Treasure Island)
TI Tourney/George Carlin

***Warning*** Poker stupidity contained herein, continue at your own risk!

There's a reason why Dave's winning these things like he is and above all else, it's aggression and skill....however, couple that with an abundance of overplaying Ax, I've watched poker on tv players and you have a recipe for making $$$. Sadly enough, I DO NOT have the skills Dave posses, just see my sig Tired as I was though, I did observe well but my mind just wasn't where it needed to be to take full advantage. I'd flown into town sporting an '07 WSOP tee and didn't realize the image it'd create. Even so, 1-2 players and I exchanged knowing glances regarding the general play at the table. Tshirt aside, the better players pegged me right off the bat, I need to work on acting fishier

During the 10 hands dealt at 25/50 (no knock on the dealers, it's just a simple by-product of 20min rounds) I play my 1st hand. EP player bets to 300 and when I find AKo it's time to raise. I've already pegged him as a bad player and know he'll call, so I'm looking to get heads up with my raise to 900. I get a call out of the blinds as well as the original bettor. 3 of us see the flop, 9J9 rainbow. I decide not to chase my whiff when the original bettor leads out...did I really just donk off 1000 chips?

50/100 and we find an ep bettor lead out for 400 he gets 2 callers before I peek at my cards from the bb. I spy KK and have to raise, but how much? I quickly deduce that any raise is more than 1/2 my stack, so I just stick it all in and hope for a single caller with their Ax It's tv stall time and it feels like it takes forever for the folding action to come full circle, but it eventually does. I rake in a nice pot, sneak a last peek at the cowboys before I muck 'em...back up to even.

100/200 and I still think it's at 50/100 (1st of my stupid moves) so when I bet out to 300 from ep with AKo it's ruled that I have to min-raise, opening a potential flood gate of callers. That's ok though, I know TPTK in this game is GOLDEN! I get 2 callers, one from a VERY loose, not good loose, player 2 to my left. 3 of us see AQx, rainbow and I check behind KNOWING she'll bet out if she holds the weak ace I hope she has, since that's been her modus operandi to date. As expected, she leads out for 800, other caller folds and I check-raise to 2k total. She asks for the count and makes the call. The turn brings another Q and I know for sure I'm in the lead now. I push in my remaining stack of about 1500. She asks for a count again before making the call and tabling ATo. We split the pot when an unlikely Q falls yet again and all I can do is smile and say nice hand. I'm a bit taken aback when a player congratulates her on a nice turn call....I just smile and order another water

Still 100/200 (2nd stupid move) and I find AKo yet again after an ep limper. I bet to 600 and when it's folded around to him, he nearly insta-pushes his short-stack, 1200 more or so I believe. I make the easy call and flip my cards over. But I said I made another STUPID mistake, right? What I didn't realize, is that the bb had actually called my original bet to 600 and he still had cards in his hand, while mine were tabled. My hand is live so let's not go there The bb thinks for a bit and has noticed the same thing about the earlier limper as I have, so he pushes. I still think it's a dumb move on his part 'cause he doesn't have enough to push me off the hand. After pulling in the chips, it's only an extra 600 to call, which I obviously have to do and when the dust settles I get no help. Limper actually had a hand this time QQ, and the bb who drug the side pot had 44. We get ready to head into break and we'll be coming back to me utg at 200/400 with only 5bb.

200/400, I open push A9x from utg and pick up the blinds. I push 7s and 8s from lp and pick up the blinds each time. I ended up busting when I called a mp raise from the bb with K9s. I was dominated, up against A9s. I could've let the blinds pass then start pushing again from lp, right Dave Anyway, TI is a GREAT room with an awesome staff!!! Thanks to Danette for recognizing me and taking a shine to my Beatles murse She even offered a button for it, which I dearly want to take her up on, thanks!

Caught the George Carlin show last nite at the Orleans last nite, and had an absolute blast! You'd better like political/relgious IRREVERENCE but if you do, you're in for a GREAT time! The chairs were a little tight and got even tighter when I was seated next to someone that would send Captain Ahab on another lifetime journey Nice enough people but if since they were on the isle, wouldn't you put the skinnier person next to me? Who knows, maybe it was the tie-die And man are there some RUDE people out there!!! I was AMAZED at the talking that went on during the show! Do people not know how to whisper any more? And just to note, if you're going to disect political or religious jokes, maybe you're not at the right show

Last but not least....if you're driving a blue Ford escort with custom plates reading, "PCKT AA" I know where you live!


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