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Hustler Monday $125 rebuy tournament

Hustler Casino
Last but not least, with work looming, I had to get setup for a week of training. After completing the business side of the trip, I decided to ditch my original plans of playing the Commerce on Monday and opted for The Hustler after talking with fellow 2+2r Scooterdoo (lakong here on tworags ). I was much more impressed with this facility, more along the lines of what I'd expected! It was a $125 with a single $100 rebuy which I took right away, and must've been the only one out of the 129 registed as I got some seriously odd looks! Most simply rebought when they got low or busted....VERY odd!

T3k in chips and starting at 25/25 with 25 minute levels. Auto shufflers and decent dealers kept the game moving but it seemed like I was the only one who didn't know anyone in the room as it was a 129 person home game! I chipped up with AA in the sb, just completing, praying the bb had a hand. He pushed, I called, my hand held. I caught again with AK against a weaker ace and we were off, or so it seemed. I lost with AQ v AT when trips took the wind outta my sails. Firmly in short-stack mode, I made the most of my marginal hands and position, allowing me to make the money for the 1st time in 4 days! They paid 18, again odd, as 18-16 only paid out $250, a WHOPPING $25 over the total buy-in. Ended up busting 13th, for $275. Somehow though I'd still lost money as I tipped out $5, had 2 beers for $10 total then bought a cool card-protector from George Malowe (just a .com) who makes the little cermaic characters that reminded me of Von Dutch and Robert Crumb, for $50. Had a great time and met some really cool players, overall, no complaints at all!

Tuesday (today) was the first day of training and after a LONG day, it was not in the cards to play cards. I do plan on making the $225 Stars&Stripes event at The Bike tomorrow nite, wish me luck! What a week!


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