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Sat Binions $200 tourney

Binion's Horseshoe Hotel & Casino
$200 total with the rebuy but a "short field with only 5 tables starting made it a bit of a damper. Word is getting out as it should, it's a good struture for the price and I know my structures! No auto-shufflers and some "been around the block" dealers but it is the birthplace, right?! The tournament was overrun with the crew from NWP, headed up by Brian "The Icon" Micon (?sp). It was a pretty fun evening with most of the crew cutting up and playing hard against each other, really made it enjoyable, even for a over-the-hill player like myself. Others didn't take it so well, but damn them! It was another up and down nite as I played a game I'm not accustomed to but look to get better at playing. I ended up getting my money in the middle against an early short-stack pusher while holding pocket tens. We got 2 more callers and it was JJ v TT v QQ v AA and the aces held booting 3 of us out onto the streets on LV!


lakeoffire says

Good post. How long are the levels in this tournament?


StrayBullet says

I want to say they were 20 minutes long but it could've been 30, I'll have to go back to check!


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