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Hawaiian Gardens Friday $155 tournament

Hawaiian Gardens Casino
I had business in Orange County the week of 4/17 and as any good poker player would do, I flew out the Friday before the week of work! I had tournaments all planned out for the LA and surrounding area but that all changed when I got a taste of Hawaiian Gardens and an itch to play at the Venetian!

I played in the $155 at HG on Friday, with starting chips of T2k and 25 minute levels, it wasn't much better than what I experience in FL. I was totally let down by the facilities. I wasn't expecting a Vegas style card room but I wasn't prepared for the "warehouse" type setting and exposed ceiling. A VERY odd feeling for sure! I ended up busting with a hand I'll vow never to play again, the dreaded AQ! I raised from early position and got heads-up to the flop with position. Villain led out for 200 and I raised to 600 which was flat-called on a Qx7 board. Turn provided me with a 3rd queen but all was for naught as it filled him up and I was prompty heading for the door. 257 entrants on a Friday afternoon, Cali sure does love it's poker!


lakeoffire says

The rooms here in LA are warehouse-like but don't think that most rooms are like HG. HG is an oddball of a cardroom that's like a circus tent. When you are back in LA try Hustler or even Hollywood Park. I don't have to mention Commerce or the Bike... but i just did.


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