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You got yourself a god damn deal

Bond18 We finalized the deal with Full Tilt. I’m not sure what their wishes are as far as keeping the details private or public, but until I talk to them about it I won’t put it here. If they say that’s fine, then I certainly will.

I’ve also finalized my itinerary for the trip. I got tired of waiting for Stars to announce the APPT schedule and decided to fuck it. I’ll be going from Melbourne to Venice for the Party Poker cruise, then to Paris for the Grand Prix, then Wisconsin, then Costa Rica, and finally Vegas.

I emailed a friend who works for Party Poker wondering about the availability of cabins and luckily there were a few left. The only problem is moving the necessary $12,500 into my Party Poker account. For the majority of online companies calling them and saying “Hello, I’m an American who now moved to and lives in Australia, can I please be allowed to use your services?” is enough to give the poor sap on phone support a stroke that’ll have him bleeding out his ears.

The details of my deal that I can include are that I’m expected to have five submissions a week and am not allowed to print anything outright libelous or slanderous. Cursing and elaborately constructed insults will apparently be allowed, thank God. They’ve told me they’ll keep editing to a minimal though I do have the suspicion that were I to write up a story about one of their big name pros that’s both true yet insulting, it might find its way out of the article. A good example occurred last year where I squeezed with AJ in a spot that Phil Gordon had flat called pre and he ended up folding AQ which would have won. Phil spent the next 45 minutes complaining like a total baby until well known online player ‘Mr. TimCaum’ looked across the table and said “Christ Phil, are you still complaining about that!?” For a guy as young, rich, and successful as he is, he really is such a whiner about losing in random tournaments.

I can also say that I’ve given them exclusive rights to the content, which means nothing will get posted at 2+2, P5’s or here, though I may be able to start threads and simply provide a direct link to that days update. I’m not quite sure how it’ll all work yet though having talked to Dhuber over at P5’s he’s pretty sure with their knew pocketfives blog feature being started that probably won’t be allowed, though he was nice enough to offer that I come onto the podcast down the road to promote it. Huber has a lot more personality than his calm and professional nature on the podcast might suggest.

Meanwhile I’ve continued my hot streak over the past week. I’m good friends with StevoL who is number one in the Australian rankings, and as I slide closer and closer to taking his spot my trash talk gets more and more furious. The other night when I was out at karaoke and rather drunk and high, I sent him the following text message letter for letter: “Im one of the badest mother fuckers of all time. You’re going down son its over bitch. This trash talk is so good I put in an apostrafi. Yes, i wrote that word all urban like. Bitch.” I imagine he cried himself to sleep after receiving it, though he’s way to macho to ever confess it. Either way, he’s going down. It’s all pretty pointless in the end, but I enjoy making a quasi-rivalry out of it. After all, Stevo is younger, taller, and has more money than me, so I need to put him in his place for something.


lemming (Anonymous) says

congrats! hopefully the american love to censor the crap out of everything won't come through to your articles


Anonymous says



Anonymous says

Nice job Bond! Looking forward to reading the new stuff.


lakeoffire says

Sounds like stevol got the thrashing of his life. Congrats on the FT deal.


moon7777 says

You have an unbelieveable story, congrats, good luck


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