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APPT Grand Final Sydney Trip Report part 4, Return to Normalcy

I tear through my luggage looking for my Melatonin. I could swear I packed, it, or was that Macau? Shit, I can’t remember. Without the sleep medication I know where my fate lies, staring at a computer screen at 5am with thoughts racing through my head, a brain to busy for sleep. After searching every piece of luggage, every small bag, and checking under the beds I give up and admit defeat, I’ve left the Melatonin behind. It’s 5:30am before I slip into unconsciousness, and I need to be up by 12.

I jolt awake at 9am in a cold sweat, despite the room being cool. I lie awake another half hour before I fall asleep again. The alarm goes off at 12:05, and I crawl out of bed and try to rub the red out of my eyes in the bathroom. I feel pretty good, but I know I’m still going to need some red bull.

I get to the table a few minutes before cards are in the air and find Van seated two on my right, the chip leader two on my left, and Carter Gill across the table from me. Blinds start at 1200/2400 with a 300 ante. We start with about 110 players left in the field, with 55 cashing for about $8000 AUD, first getting a cool million, and second 650k. I figure accounting for skill, experience, and my stack, I final table about 16% of the time in my current position.

Little happens for me at the beginning. I find AK three times, but every time I open it everyone passes. When I raise 44 and AJo in early position, I get three bet both times and lay them down. I watch the massive roller coaster ride that is Carter Gill’s stack, and the table is hurling insults at him for his erratic style. A few hands that earned his erratic image:

Carter makes it 5000 in the SB with KJcc. The BB (who has about 80k to Carters ~120k) makes it 15k. Carter four bet shoves, and the BB hero calls Ac8c. Flop J2J and it’s all over.

Carter raises to 6000 in LP with AsKh. The BB calls. Flop QT7 two spades. Check check. Turn 8s and BB bets 10000. Carter calls. River 3d, BB bets 25000, Carter calls. BB sheepishly turns over Kc8c, Carter mucks. BB unknowingly pulled off a value bet bluff Terrence Chan style.

With about ~175k Carter opens in MP1 to 6000 with AQo. Folds to button who with a shorter stack has moved in a couple times but now has ~125k after beating Carter with Kc8c. Button makes it ~25,000. Carter moves in and button calls with AKo. Flop QxQ and it’s all over.

When he gets up from the table the chip leader leans over to me and says

“You play online with him?”
”Yea we’ve played before.”

“He has no idea what he’s doing!”

Live players hate us online aggro donkeys, though Carter needs to adjust to their nit ranges better or he’s going to keep getting it in crushed. I finally get a chance to play a hand against him.

I haven’t seen a flop yet when the following comes up with Carter:

My stack: ~100k, Carter: ~300k, blinds 1200/2400 with 300 ante. I hold KsTh in BB.

Preflop: Folds to Carter in MP2, he opens to 6000, I call in the BB.

Flop: 6 7 8 rainbow

I check, he checks back.

Turn: 3

I fire 9000, he calls.

River: A

After seeing him call down with A high there’s no way I’m betting this river. I check and Carter tables 57s thinking I’ve rivered him. He’s way good.

The blinds go up to 1500/3000 and I steal the blinds from the lady on my left with A8o. My stack is hanging around ~100,000 when the following comes up:

8 handed. UTG+1 is the chip leader with about ~440k. He’s been pretty active and 3 bet me once. The cold caller is Carter who has ~300k. I hold QdQc in the BB.

Preflop: UTG folds, UTG+1 raises to 9500, 1 fold, Carter calls, folds to me. I consider my options and elect to make it 33,000, hoping the live player won’t realize I’ve committed myself and Carter might think I’m squeezing and do some kind of spewy resqueeze. UTG+1 thinks it over for about 30 seconds (meaning I know I’m way good) and elects to reraise, sliding a stack of yellows out that makes it about 110,000. Carter folds and I snap call. I table QQ and he tables AKo. First flip of the tournament for me.

Flop: K 6 2

Ruh Roh.

Turn: 3

River: 9

I react at the level of your average comatose. Van seems considerably more broken up than I do. I shake hands, wish everyone luck, and check in on Terrence and let him know his 2% is now unfortunately dead. If I’m going to bust out, busting in a totally standard spot where I got it in a little ahead verse a villain who did nothing wrong seems like a pretty decent way to do so.

A few hours later I’ve read the updates and find that Terrence has twice run into AA in big pots, slipping below 100,000. Still, I run like God in swaps, so I’m very confident Terrence will win and make me $20,000 AUD ( puts that at about $1,483,982 US dollars.)

I’ve now slipped very well into six figure make up (It’s roughly in the $105,000 area) but have the Aussie Millions to look forward to in about three or four weeks. From what I understand a lot of my favorite online players and friends are coming down for the entire series so it should be a really fun one with a full schedule of cool events without the exhausting excess of the WSOP. Despite pathetic results in the APPT so far (0 for 7 in events so far, I crush these people) I feel like I’m playing much better live poker than a few months ago. After the Aussie Millions I’ve got to choose between going to LA for the LA poker classic and having the chance to visit people at home, or go to the Poker News Cup event in South Africa. I’m not sure which I’m leaning towards at this point but I’ve never been to Africa and I’m not sure how keen I am to hang around LA and have people tell me “I’ve forgot my mantra.”

Between now and then I need to do some serious online grinding as I’ve been really lazy in that department lately. I’ve also got the opportunity the write for a couple of different outlets (P5’s, PokerNews) and would like to start producing some quality work between playing. It sounds like the APPT will start up again sometime in what’s fall for Australia and spring for the States, and they are aiming at having seven or eight events. If their interested in sponsoring Bondgirl as a player I very well might end up going to all of them, though the thought of spending so much time on planes seems fairly exhausting. Still, I’m not going to say no to free accommodation and a chance for further public humiliation. I mean, everyone has to get their one time, right?

APPT Grand Final Sydney Trip Report part 3, Don’t Spew

I settle into my seat for the $1600 6 max tournament. This is the prelim I look forward to the most, since it has a pretty solid structure and the field should of course be really soft. We start with an 8000 bank at 25/50 blinds with 40 minute levels, and antes kicking in on the second level. The table is mostly unfamiliar except for Mel Judah sitting in seat six, who’s a mostly tight and straight forward player. The older Asian guy on my right also seems vaguely familiar, and I know I played with him a long time ago, but I remember little about his style. I’m hoping to continue my non spewing tendencies, though with the temptation to run over the table at six max I’m making no promises.

My first interesting hand is a weird one:
Blinds 25/50. My stack ~7500. Villains stack ~7000. I hold A5o on the CO.
Preflop: Folds to me, I raise to 150, 2 folds, Mel Judah calls in the BB.
Flop: A T 8 rainbow with a club
Mel checks and knowing he’ll never call me without an A I check back.
Turn: 2c
Mel checks, I fire 200, Mel calls.
River: Jc
Mel checks, I bet 325, and Mel calls. I confidently turn over A5 knowing I’ll take down the pot, until Mel tables 97 for a straight and tells me he was worried about the flush.

The player in seat one seems fairly aggressive and we’ve tangled in a few small pots back and forth. He’s also kind of loose and calls on draws loosely. He doesn’t seem good but he also doesn’t seem awful, and an hour in the following hand comes up:
My stack: ~6500, his stack: ~5500, blinds 50/100. I hold QJo on the button.
Preflop: Folds to HJ, HJ raises to 300, CO folds, I call on the button, SB folds, BB calls.
Flop: Qs Td 6s
Check, check, I bet 650, SB folds, HJ calls.
Flop: 7s
HJ checks, I check.
River: Jc
HJ checks, I fire 1100, HJ tanks for a while and folds.

The very next hand I play against the same player:
I hold AsJs on the HJ.
Preflop: 1 fold, I raise to 300, folds to BB, BB calls.
Flop: Ac 2s 4d
BB checks, I bet 400, BB calls.
Turn: 3s
He checks. I’m pretty sure if I double barrel here he’s going to make a lot of folds and if I get check raised it sucks pretty bad since I don’t think I can make him fold 3 bet jamming anything. I also think if he called without an A on the flop he’ll bluff the river a lot. I decide to check.
River: 5d
Damn it! He checks and I check back knowing he’s not folding. He tables ATo thinking he got rivered and I table my AJ. Mel Judah starts laughing and saying I really need to bet the turn to protect my hand.

Things stay fairly quiet for a while. I open a bit more hands than the rest of the table of course, since few players who often play full ring adjust to the six max well. I take down and lose some small pots with very little happening and my stack hovering around 6500. At 100/200 I find a hand to capitalize on my aggressive image with.
My stack: ~6500
Villain: ~7000
Blinds 100/200. I hold KsKc on the HJ.
Preflop: 1 fold, I raise to 525, folds to button, button reraises to 1200, folds back to me, I call.
Flop: 9h 6h 3h
I check (which is debatable in it’s own right, I should perhaps be leading large here and hoping he raises or so I have a turn jam set up) since I’m almost positive he’s going to bet. He bets 1500 and I move in. He thinks it over and folds.

A young and very aggressive player sits down on my direct left. He doesn’t seem good per say, but he’s very aggressive and having him on my left unable to hit a hand makes it difficult to take advantage. I raise a couple of times and he 3 bets, and from his current play he doesn’t seem like the type to fold too easily if I four bet light. The following hand comes up against him:
My stack: ~8000, his stack: ~10000, blinds 100/200. I hold Kd8c in the SB.
Preflop: Folds to me, I call 100, BB checks.
Flop: 9d 8c 5d
I check, he bets 300, I call.
Turn: Td
I check, he quickly bets 700 (I think there’s a very good chance I’m still good here let alone having the draw) and I call.
River: As
I check, he bets 2100. I think it over and fold.

The next hand comes up against the same aggressive player.
My stack: ~6500, his stack: ~11,000, blinds 100/200 with 25 ante. I hold A9o in the BB.
Preflop: Folds to me in the SB, I raise to 600, BB calls.
Flop: 2 4 5 rainbow
I bet 800, he quickly raises to 2800. I’m highly debating 3 bet jamming here but having put half my stack in I’m not sure I really have any fold equity. Considering how loose he’s playing I think that flop is certainly in his range, and instead elect to fold.

I pick on the tight players pre flop a little bit and pick up some small pots. I also hit top pair and get one street of value before villain folds and my stack climbs back to around 8000. Outside check shoving one time, I’ve actually been fairly tight with playing really big pots post flop. It’s with this image that the next hand comes up.
Blinds 100/200 with 25 ante. My stack: ~8000. BB ~14000. I hold 8h9h UTG.
Preflop: I raise to 550, folds to the BB, BB calls. BB is the aforementioned older Asian guy. I’ve gotten to watch him play for a while and he likes to use tiny little raises when he has a very big hand. He seems pretty tight pre flop, and kind of tight post flop, but very capable of making thinking folds. He got his chips when he flopped the nut flush and check min raised the flop, then villain tiny 3 bet, he min 4 bet, and villain 5 bet shoved a J high flush draw on an all spade board.
Flop: 6s 7s Jc
BB checks. I think about my bet and action. If BB check raises small I’ll call and give up on a turn I don’t hit. If he check raises medium I’ll jam since I don’t think there’s any two pair combinations in his range, he seems like the type to fold 67s here preflop. If he check raises big I’ll drop it. I fire 700 and BB check raises to 2100. I quickly jam my 8000 in and truly expect him to fold any top pair hand. BB quick calls and turns over 66.
Turn: 8
River: 2
That ends that.

I find some friends and we head to get lunch, settling on a Japanese place. I order the grilled Eel and everything seems fine. Later that night though, things would be nowhere close to fine. I suddenly find myself feeling sick to the stomach and rush to the bathroom. I quickly realize I’ve got food poisoning. All the usual suspects are there, some vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping so incredibly painful that you wish it’d just kill you so you could get to the eight circle of hell, find Jerry Falwell, and kick him in the groin already. Two hours later I stumble out of the bathroom exhausted, but still alive. Falwell will have to wait.

The next morning is the teams event which I agree to play with Bondgirl, but debate not bothering with since I’m still not feeling well. I decide to go for it anyway and end up running KK into AA that limped behind a limper. When Celina comes in with our next 3000 chips (at 50/100) she of course runs JJ into KK and AA. It’s a short day and I return to the room and take the rest of the day easy. I start feeling quite a bit better and try to get to bed early enough for the main event. Unfortunately somebody on the organizational side of things decided to schedule the first day of the main event at 10:30am, a truly insane hour for poker players and a start time I’ve never heard of before. Lucky for me I know that for the first 15 to 20 minutes they’ll waste time with species and presentations, so I don’t rock up until 10:50, just in time to listen to the end of a didgeridoo and drum presentation of some kind. Bond 1, wise ass organizers 0. Play is underway very shortly, and find myself seated across from new friend Terrence Chan. The table also contains Australian poker pro Nick Nicolaou, and an empty seat belonging to Mark Vos. How the fuck does this table happen?

The stacks start at 20,000 with 50/100 blinds and hour levels. For the entire first level I’m barely involved at all as my cards are crap and the table is too loose to get creative. I watch one player in seat 8 pull one of the worst river bluff raises on a two pair board I’ve ever seen, and the play is abysmal outside Nick and Terrence in general. My first interesting hand comes up during the second level.
My stack: ~20000, Nicolaou: ~25000, Seat 8: 14,000 MP1: ~20000
I hold 22 in the SB.
Preflop: Folds to UTG+2, UTG+2 raises to 600, MP1 calls, folds to me, I call, BB (Nicolaou) calls.

Flop: 2 7 T rainbow
Going into this tournament I felt like I fast play in live tournaments too much. I’ve decided to try a bit more of slow playing in spots that are appropriate. Having a set on a mostly uncoordinated no flush draw board seems like a good chance. I check, BB checks, UTG+2 bets 1100, MP1 folds, I call as Nicolaou has check raised quite a few flops, but he just calls.

Turn: Qc
I decide to use my relative position and lead out, hoping even if Nicolaou folds that UTG+1 will either go nuts with an over pair or will try another incredibly stupid big bluff. I bet 2600, BB folds and UTG+2 thinks it over before folding. Not sure if that line is better than leading flop or check raising flop.

The next hand again comes up against Nicolaou:
My stack: ~23000, Nicolaou: ~25000, MP: ~20000, I hold 66 on the button. Blinds 100/200.
Preflop Folds to MP2, MP2 calls 200, folds to me on button, I limp behind (I both limp and raise in these spots, but I actually think the implied with sets this early might make limping better than blowing out people pre flop) SB raises to 1050, BB folds, MP folds, I call.
Flop: T 5 3 rainbow
SB bets 1600, I call.
Turn: 5
SB thinks it over, fires 4150, I fold.

I’m pretty sure he’s not firing a second barrel too often without a hand there.

Things go fairly smooth for a while and I climb my stack to around 25,000 without any serious confrontations when the following comes up:
My stack: 25000, Button: ~9000, blinds 100/200. I hold 78o in the SB.
Preflop: Three limpers to me, I complete, BB checks.
Flop: Qd 7c 8d
I bet 800, folds to button, button raises to 2500. I look over at his stack and see he’s fairly short, then move in. He quickly calls and turns over QTo.
Turn: Q
I react with a slight wince. *Sigh*
River: X

I take a sizeable hit and after that things to continue to go wrong. I stay card dead and when I get to flops I end up having to check fold. The next hand goes down against a popular Australian actor (I had no idea at the time, but he was the good looking but hiding it behind a massive beard type so it makes sense) who is clearly playing the tournament recreationally. He seems weak passive so far.
My stack: ~13000, I hold Ac2c in the SB at 100/200
Preflop: 2 limpers, Actor in MP2 raises to 700, CO calls, button calls, I call (marginal or okay given amount of players?), BB folds, both limpers call.
Flop: Ah Tc 3h
I check, checks to actor, he bets 500, folds to me, I call, the rest fold.
Turn: 5d
I bet 1200, he calls.
River: 9
I check and he checks, then shows A7.

A round later I find myself involved again:
My stack: ~11,500, villains have me covered. I hold 99 UTG+1. The reraiser in this hand is kind of aggressive and obvious with what he’s trying to accomplish.
Preflop: I raise to 600, folds to button, button calls, SB makes it 1700. It’s 1100 more to me with what appears to be really good set odds and the button will almost always call. I call and button calls.
Flop: Q 8 5 rainbow
The SB leads 1500. I’ve seen him play another hand like this and after firing weak like this once he gave up. It sounds cliché but I seriously think he has AK here because so far when he’s had a bigger hand he’s been about protection. I’m almost positive I can beat SB, but I’m unsure about the player behind. I elect to call. The button min raises to 3000 and the SB insta folds. I fold as well. Not really sure about this hand and pre flop seems pretty thin.

We go on break and I tell Terrence (who’s also had a bad first two hours) “This is our level. Don’t you worry, we’re just gonna run like God now.” After we get back I lose a small pot and my stack slips to about ~7500 when the following comes up:
The villains in the hand are the actor (who is kind of statoinish) and one other poor player who is loose weak. I hold KQo in the BB with 100/200 blinds at 25 ante. Everyone has me covered.
Preflop: Folds to HJ, he limps, CO folds, button limps, SB calls, I check.
Flop: Qd Ts 3d
SB checks, I bet 800, HJ calls, button calls, SB folds.
Turn: 6c
With these two players I think it’s unlikely either has me beat. They could limp AQ pre flop, but they seem like the type that would raise the flop verse me. I think one has a draw and one has Q, though I’m sure the button could be slow playing a set or something. Either way vs two weak and stationy opponents I don’t think I can shut down. I fire 2500 and again both calls.
River: 3c
Can’t ask for a better card than that. I move in for my last 4150. The HJ calls and the button tanks before flashing a Q and folding.
“Same hand?” I ask and table my KQ.
“Nope, you got it.”
I drag a sizeable pot and get back in the game.

A few hands later I peak down at JdJc in MP1 with about 18k in my stack.
Preflop: UTG limps, folds to me, I raise to 800, folds to HJ, HJ calls, folds to UTG, UTG calls.
Flop: Td 8c 7d
UTG checks, I bet 1800, HJ calls, UTG folds.
Turn: Qd
I check, he checks back.
River: 7c
Nice card. I bet 3200 knowing live players pay off this line too much, and he calls down. I flip up JJ and he mucks.

A few hands later in the SB the following hand comes up. I hold J4o in the SB, everyone in the hand has 20k or more.
Preflop: Three limps to me (all of them bad players), I make a very loose (maybe bad?) complete, BB checks.
Flop: Js 7s 4s
I bet 1000, folds to button, button who has been really straight forward min raises to 2000. I tank, think it over, and fold.

Next comes one of the more interesting hands I’ve played. The player on my right is kind of fancy aggressive in a bad way and made bluffs in stupid spots. He showed me one of them after check raising me on the turn with a draw and I’d been waiting to snap him off. He’s also the player that sucked me out with QT. One other interesting piece of history is that in an earlier hand Terrence called a guys river bet in a pot controlled situation with KT high on a AJXXX board. The guy tapped the table, went to muck but instead decided to table his KQ. Terrence concedes the hand and I blurt “Really!?” then make a mental note to insta call anyone in that spot then look like I have the nuts if it comes to that.
My stack: ~25,000, his stack: ~18,000, blinds 150/300 with 25 ante. I hold AsKh in MP1.
Preflop: UTG folds, UTG+1 limps, I raise to 1200, folds back to UTG+1, he calls.
Flop: Ts Tc 4s
He bets 2000, I call.
Turn: 7c
He checks, I check.
River: 7d
He bets 3000 and I insta call him. He looks at me meekly, pulls up his A8o for me to see, then mucks it. I hold on to my cards for a moment and ask the dealer
“Do I need to show here or since he mucked do I get the full pot without showing?”
“You may muck sir.”
I go to muck, but then Mark Vos (who just showed up, three hours late) decides to make things interesting.
“Dealer, I want to see his cards!”
“You’ll have to reveal your cards sir.”
”Alright Mark, just for you.”
I table the AKo and the guy on my right says nothing. I know he’s got to be pissed on the inside.

The very next hand the following comes up against the same player. I hold 99 and he’s now down to around ~12k.
Preflop: UTG limps, I raise to 1200, folds back to UTG, he calls.
Flop: 2 6 7 rainbow
UTG checks, I bet 2000, and he announces all in. I nanosecond fist pump insta call and flip up 99 like I’ve flopped a royal flush. Got you mother fucker! Then UTG flips up his TT and I feel stupid. How do these clowns…
Turn: 8
River: 5
Ship Ship Mcgipp! Mark Vos immediately tears into me for being a suck out artist fish (it should be known Mark and I have been friends for years, but yea he’s a total dick) and I get justice for the QT hand.

A round later I peek down at KK in the BB. I like where this is going.
My stack: ~35000, SB: ~14000, blinds 150/300 with 25 ante.
Preflop: Folds to SB, SB raises to 1000, I call.
Flop: 6c Jc 6d
SB bets 2000, I raise to 5000, SB thinks for 5 seconds and moves in. I insta call and he tables JTo giving him two outs.
Turn: K
That solves that. My stack soars to around 50,000.

Things continue going smoothly and our table is soon broken. I’m moved to Bondgirl’s table, as is Mark Vos. I’m sat next to Grant Levy (Grunter online) who says “You’re Bond18, I like your posts” as I sit down. Seated on his direct right is Raymond Rahme, hiding behind a massive 100k stack. Raymond is a very nice guy and a gentleman, whose WSOP third place is a testament to variance in multi table tournament poker. He really likes to open limp-call out of position and just keep calling post unless he crushes the board. My friend StevoL is in seat 10 and across the table is somewhat well known Australian pro Tino Lechich who plays as ‘maxypaxy’ online. He also has quite a few chips. My first hand comes up against Tino:
My stack: ~53000, Tino: ~62000, SB: ~20000 BB: ~15000, blinds 150/300, I have 22 on the button.
Preflop: Folds to Tino in MP1, Tino raises to 800, folds to me on button, I call, SB calls, BB calls.
Flop: Kd 2c 3h
SB checks, BB checks, Tino bets 2000, I call hoping one of the blinds decides top pair is the nuts and then Tino isolates, both blinds fold instead.
Turn: 8d
Tino checks, I bet 4500 (should be bit bigger, he either has a good K or better and is calling or isn’t), Tino calls.
River: 8c
Tino checks, I bet 10500, Tino calls and tables AA. He’s a thinking player, but I wonder how many BB’s he gets in if I raise that kind of flop? If it’s heads up I always do, but I wonder if it was correct with both blinds in?

Blinds move up to 200/400 with a 25 ante and things continue going well for me. Unfortunately Bondgirl gets busted out with QQ to Grant Levy’s AK all in pre flop, and Stevo soon goes out the exact same way. My stack continues climbing when the next hand comes up:
My stack: ~70000, Tino: ~45000, Button: ~25000, I hold 55 in MP2.
Preflop: Folds to me, I raise to 1100, folds to button, button calls, SB folds, Tino calls in BB.
Flop: 7 J 5 rainbow
God I’m so good at poker. Tino checks, I bet 2500, button folds, Tino calls.
Turn: T
Tino checks, I fire 6000, Tino folds. No three streets this time.

The very next hand blinds go up and I raise my third straight hand. Villain in BB is new to table and has a big mess of chips that looks like ~70000. I hold AhQh in MP1.
Preflop: Folds to me, I raise to 1400, folds to BB, BB calls.
Flop: Kh Ts 9s
BB checks. Online I check this back a fair bit since people CR with draws a lot or will call down lighter, but I think a K high flop in live needs a C bet almost always. I fire 2200, BB calls.
Turn: Qd
BB checks, I check.
River: 4c
BB bets 10,500 (WTF?) and I fold. BB looks very satisfied with himself.

The BB in that hand continues playing kind of spewy aggressive. At one point there are four limpers to him in the SB and he raises it to 4800, then shows Q2o when everyone folds and laughs to himself about how clever he is. I’ll get you, you smug son of a bitch.

I take down the blinds a few times at the 250/500 and little else happens. Blinds go up to 300/600 and I find myself involved in a pot with Raymond Rahme.
My stack: ~70000, Rahme: ~100000, CO: ~40000 I fold 55 in the BB
Preflop: Folds to CO, CO raises to 1800, Rahme calls on button, SB folds, I call.
Flop: 7 5 T rainbow
God I am so amazing good at poker if you could bottle it and sell it as a drink it should go for at least $5k a bottle. I check, CO checks, Rahme bets 4000, I check raise to 12000, CO folds, Rahme thinks about it and folds.

I of course get AA next hand (my third of the day at that point, there would be four) but get no takers. A round later I find myself in a pot with Rahme and Levy.
My stack: ~75000, Rahme: ~95000, Levy: ~90000, I hold 88 in the SB.
Preflop: Folds to Rahme on CO, he limps for 600, Levy raises to 2200, I call, BB folds, Rahme calls.
Flop: T 4 2
Now I do something I never do online, I lead. I know if anyone calls or raises me here live I’m gone, and I think with the way Levy plays and how loose he knows Rahme is he’ll check back if he whiffed a lot. Leading will also sometimes shut him down with better hands and get me to rivers easier. I bet 3600, Rahme folds, Levy calls.
Turn: A
I check, Levy bets 4000 (a weird bet I considered checkraising since I don’t see many A’s in his range on the flop) and I fold. Levy tells me he had JJ after the hand.

Blinds go up to 400/800 and I watch Levy and Rahme play a truly absurd hand. Both players are more than 100,000 deep at the start of this hand.
Preflop: Folds to Rahme in MP1, he raises to 2200, Levy calls behind, the rest fold.
Flop: Qs Js 7c
Rahme bets 3500. Levy raises to 10000, Rahme makes it 40000, Levy shoves. Rahme goes into the tank, and for some insane reason (Levy admitted later it was a really stupid thing to say) Levy blurts out “You know I’m not shoving on a draw mate” in a really honest tone. Rahme tanks, but elects to call anyway and tables AA. Levy of course has a set, JJ, and dodges an A to drag an incredibly absurd pot.

Two hands later, I find myself in a similar situation. The villain is the spewy aggressive player who raised a bunch of limpers with Q2o and outside that has been really aggro and using lots of big over bets.
My stack: ~78000, his stack: ~82000, I hold JJ UTG+2 at 400/800 with 100 ante.
Preflop: Folds to me, I raise to 2100, folds to button, button reraises to 6300, blinds fold, I call.
Flop: J 5 4 rainbow
Holy Jesus God I am so incredibly amazing at the game of poker that Patrick Antonious once set me an email saying “I wish I could be like you. Your biggest fan, Patrick.” I check and button fires a massive 17,500. The online player in me says shove, but the live player in me says “he just might fold, call, and let him do the work for you.” I call.
Turn: 6
Man, I almost want to lead that card, but there’s just no way in hell he pot controls this turn and he just might be spewy enough to bet AK again here. I check and within a few seconds the words come out of his mouth
“All i..”
“FUCK! NOT AGAAAAIN!” He screams and smashes his fist on the table before he even sees my cards. I try to contain my laughter from his hilarious outburst and table my JJ, which needs to dodge two outs from his KK.
River: 6
Boo yah. I am second in the tournament and the big stack is on my direct right.

I whip out my pen and write “Don’t Spew!” again on my hand in big letters. I play a sensible aggressive game and don’t open stupid cards out of position or try any fancy plays. Still, I do raise K4cc on the CO and the straight forward but kind of aggressive BB calls. When he bets a 383 flop I quickly raise what is clearly a bullshit bet, and after five seconds of thought he folds.

A new player is moved to the table and a hand comes up against him:
New guy: ~40000, CO: ~60000, Button: 35000, My stack: ~175000, I hold 9c7c in the BB, blinds 500/1000.
Preflop: Folds to new guy in MP1, he raises to 3200, folds to CO, CO calls, button calls, SB folds, I call.
Flop: Qh 7h 6d
It checks around.
Turn: 9h
I lead 8200, MP1 tanks, thinks it over, and calls, CO folds, button folds.
River: 2h
I check, MP1 looks very interested, bets 5500, and I fold to the most obvious value bet of all time.

For a long time things stay very quiet. I three bet an LP raiser at 600/1200 to 13200 with 87o after playing him very tight and he folds pre flop. Despite having position on the huge stack on my right, every time he enters a pot I seem to have 92o and simply. We in fact never seem to find an interesting spot to get involved. There’s a 30ish female player on my right, who is surprisingly aggressive for a female. One hand that let me know for sure she is very spewy went down as follows:
1k/2k level and UTG has 18k. He open shoves and a tight player UTG+1 reshoves for ~70k. The lady is behind in UTG+2 and starts babbling about what a tough decision and good hand she has. She has maybe 40k, thinks it over for a solid minute talking about what a good hand it is, then folds. After the hands are turned up, AQ, and AK, or something like that, she goes “Oooh! I was ahead, pocket threes!” She’s been raising in late position somewhat often and I have never 3 bet her. In fact I think she’s only seen me make one 3 bet her entire 3ish hours at the table.

At 1k/2k (the last round of the day, so I’m hoping people make tighter folds seeing day two so close) she opens on the CO to 5500. The button folds and I look down at 55 with about 160k in my stack. I look over at here stack and it looks to be about ~42k. The BB on my left also has ~40k. I reraise to 21k and the BB folds. She thinks for about ten seconds then declares all in, and I of course call. She tables TT.
Flop: A T T
Honestly now.
Turn: 5
River: 8

I while later I begin wondering if since it’s live if I should just move in pre flop since live players perceive that as stronger. I turn to her and ask
“If I move in pre do you still call?”
”Yep I call. You over bet it, if you wanted a call you wouldn’t have made it that much. I had a pretty good read on ya!”
Indeed, pretty good read to get it in for 21 BB’s on the CO with TT vs a SB three bet. Pretty. Good. Read.

I rebuild my stack stealing some blinds and repair my stack to around ~125k. In the last 20 minutes of the day our table is broken and I’m moved to a new spot where I know nobody. One hand with about 10 minutes left I find 44 UTG and raise to 5400. It folds to some old nity looking guy with 150k who makes it 15k even. It folds back to me and I decide for 9600 more with 125kish effective and him always having KK/AA I have to call here and if I hit my set I’ll get a late night gift. I call.
Flop: 7 3 5
I check and nit instantly bets 30k. Agh, I fold.

The last hand of the night I find JJ in LP but nobody wants to decide I’m making a move and attack me.

When everything is said and done, I count up my chips and find I have 108,200. That’ll be about average going into day 2 where half the field cashes and 1 in 10 final tables. Here goes nothing…

Law and Order, P5’s Division, The Imper1um Investigation, Conclusion!

In the Pocketfives justice system, all defendants are extremely guilty at the moment of accusation, but considerably more guilty after confession, after which they’re pretty much just hated on for a while. These are their stories.

*While the jury is in seclusion, the crowd chatters and mumbles about the events that have taken place. Some argue about what the interview will say, whether Imper1um should be banned, and whether it was acceptable to out Andy Mcleod. Judge Adam sits in the center looking exhausted, while Imper1um shifts nervously in his chair, sweating profusely. Bond18 stands up from his seat and begins to address Judge Adam*

Bond18: So uh, Judge Adam, with Andy Mcleod being banned and all does that mean he’s taken off the rankings? Like, do I become number 1 in Australia, by default and what not?

Judge Adam: Yes, I suppose so.

Bond18: Sweet! A whole continent! I can’t wait to call everyone I’ve ever met about this, boo yah!

Judge Adam: Uh, I really don’t think they’ll care.

Bond18: Oh yea? Just wait until they see the trophy I’m gonna build myself. *He walks out of his row and down the aisle towards the exit, pumping his fist in the air* DE-FAULT! DE-FAULT! DE-FAULT!

*Somewhere in the audience Timex puts his hands on his head in despair*
Timex: God, why did I back that fucking idiot?

*The jury reenters the courtroom from seclusion*
Judge Adam: Jury, have you reached a verdict?

Speaker: We have not your honor. We are at a deadlock.

Judge Adam: I see. This trial will be postponed until further evidence can be presented.

Inissint: Is that even allowed?

Judge Adam: Hey, just roll with me here okay? *He knocks his gavel* Court dismissed.

December 5th, 9:26pm, Pocketfives Courtroom
*Judge Adam knocks his gavel*
Judge Adam: I recall to order the case of the People vs Imper1um, 2007. Mr.
Yourtimeisup of the prosecution, it has come to my attention you have a highly pertinent witness?

Yourtimeisup: That’s right your honor. The prosecution calls poker journalist John Caldwell to the stand.

*John Caldwell walks confidently to the stand with a small recording device in hand. The bailiff comes over with a sheepish look on his face.*

Bailiff: Uh your honor, I seem to have lost our copy of Super System.

Judge Adam: You did what?

Bailiff: But it’s okay, I brought this copy of ‘Play Poker Like the Pro’s’ by Phil Hellmuth, so we’re good to go on right?

Judge Adam: You’re fired… and, upon further consideration, I’m also sentencing you to the death penalty for the desecration of this courtroom with your smut.

Bailiff: I understand completely sir. I’ll take myself out back and dig a hole.

He exits the room

Judge Adam: Mr. Yourtimeisup, you may continue.

Yourtimeisup: Mr. Caldwell, I understand you conducted an interview with the defendant.

John Caldwell: Well I’m not quite sure you can really call what I have here an interview.

Yourtimeisup: How do you mean?

John Caldwell: Well, I feel that this tape is pretty self explanatory. If it’s alright I’ll play this recording I have that Mr. Mizzi left me on my answering machine.

Yourtimeisup: Yes by all means.

John Caldwell: Clink this link to hear what Mr. Imper1um left on my answering machine:

Imper1um confession

Random in crowd: I KNEW IT! I KNEEEEW IT!
*The headless corpse of BrSavage seems to shake violently for a brief moment.*

Inissint: What? You did it?

Imper1um: Yeeeeeea… sorry about that.

Inissint: From now on you tell me everything.

Judge Adam: Order! Order damn it! My lord that’s quite a stirring recording.

Yourtimeisup: Your honor, the prosecution has no further questions. As it’s recently come to my attention that we don’t rest after each witness, I guess I’ll just go sit my ass down. Your witness defense.

*Inissint walks to the center of the room, looks up at John Caldwell then pauses, and stands motionless and awkward for a moment before speaking*

Inissint: Man, I am so fucked. I really do rest this time.

Judge Adam: You may leave the stand Mr. Caldwell, thank you for your time. If that is all then at this time I will ask the jury to enter seclusion and decide on a on verdict.

The jury lines up and leaves the room, then returns after quite some time.

Judge Adam: Well that took longer than expected. Has the jury reached a verdict?

Speaker: We have your honor. We the jury, find the defendant, Imper1um, innocent on all charges.

*Judge Adam’s jaw drops as Imper1um leaps in the air, does a massive fist pump, then high fives a confused looking Inissint*

Yourtimeisup: What the fuck is this shit!?

Imper1um: Eat it bitches! I just value bet the jury!

Speaker: Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a Mercedes dealership to get to.
*The Jury stands and quickly exits the court room*

Inissint: You bribed them?

Imper1um: I might be wearing pajamas, but I’m sure as hell not poor.

Inissint: Wow. Well, let me just say, as a lawyer…I am so proud of you! You found a way to cut through the red tape, you’re a true symbol of the self made American dream.

Imper1um: I’m Canadian.

Inissint: Who gives a fuck, you guys are just America junior anyway. Conversely, I’ll be billing you in Canadian dollars then.

Imper1um: NOOOO! I’M BROKE! *He breaks down in tears* WHY GOD!? WHY!? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!?

*Inissint drags a bawling Imper1um out of the courtroom, after which the stunned onlookers quietly shuffle out, leaving only Yourtimeisup and Judge Adam*

Judge Adam: You think we’ll ever hear from him again?

Yourtimeisup: Are you kidding? He’ll probably win a quarter million next week or something. Man all this shit is so stupid and pointless.

Judge Adam: Oh really?… Hmm, why haven’t I banned you yet?

Yourtimeisup: You know… I wonder that myself a lot.


APPT Final Trip Report part 2, One Good Nit Deserves Another

With yesterday being the PLO event that I have no business playing I was hoping to head down to the beach, get a tan, become really drunk, and tell people I barely know “I never liked you anyway.” I meet up StevoL and Garage13 at their hotel as they finish up some online tournaments. Stevo winds up going quite deep in the nightly $150 on Stars, so we don’t make it down to the beach until 6pm. I didn’t have a swim suit (and managed to forget my towel) so I just went for it in my shorts. At some point on the beach I realized I hadn’t been in the ocean in nearly three years, and managed to forget how salty it is. At least the water wasn’t too cold. We found a Korean BBQ place for dinner (Boo yah!) and I got to sleep at a decent hour in preparation for the $1100 semi shootout event.

How exactly does a semi shootout event work? Here’s the idea; the tournament starts off as normal with tables being broken as players go out. However, with 50 players left, we redraw to five tables where the final two players remaining at the table advance to the final table. The final table then plays out as normal. It’s a pretty interesting idea, and since it results in more short handed event and a bubble you can exert more pressure on, I’m a pretty big fan of the idea.

I wake up feeling rested and ready to play. I head down to the poker room and end up chatting to well known New Zealand pro Lee Nelson who after some conversation asks me if I’d like to write a review for his new book. Considering he brought in a couple of very mathematically talented guys to co-write the book I’m definitely hoping it’s better than the vast majority of poker literature out there. It turns out Lee and I are at the same starting table, as well as Joe Hachem. Play gets underway with 25/50 blinds and 40 minute levels, holding a 6000 start bank.

The first level is pretty uneventful. I told myself I wasn’t going to do anything spewy or stupid today, so I set my mind to not getting out of hand against the awful live players. I raise up 44, AQ, and KQ, and each time get a caller or two, get a great c bet board (which misses me) and each time get raised or called then bet into on a later street.

For the entire 50/100 level I just fold pre flop except one small spot out of the BB where I lead out against a weak player and get instantly raised. The same holds true for the 100/200 level, and with a now 20 BB stack my decisions are very straight forward and I do absolutely zero interesting. I’m closely watching the play of Lee Nelson as it’s my first time playing with him in two years. I’m pleased to say Lee is very probably the best live tournament player (or that is, player who has entirely built his resume on live eplay) I’ve ever seen. His raise and bet sizing is perfect, he understands post flop play, he isolates limpers with position, he semi bluffs, and he doesn’t call loose out of the blinds as is a common leak of many live pros. On top of that, he has a sense of what live players are capable of, giving him a serious edge. After the break we start up the 100/200 level with a 25 ante, and I’ve got about ~4000 of my start 6000 in the BB. It fold to Lee who raises the button again and I fold. The next hand it folds to the mega weak HJ who is constantly limp/folding to Lee Nelson and Lee again isolates him (for the third time in about an hour). The button folds and with 8hTh in the BB I shove in for 3700. The BB and limper quickly folds, but Lee makes a quick call with AcQc and I’m way behind.
Flop: 4s 7s 4h
Turn: Jh
River: Ts

Yep, I suck out good. My stack climbs to about 8000 and I whip out the pen I’m writing my notes with and write “Don’t Spew!” on my hand in hopes of keeping me from doing anything stupid. As online players, the pace of live can be really difficult to cope with. I then play a very weird hand against Joe Hachem (which I’m not going to write about at the moment since I put it in HSMTT and don’t want to skew discussion.)

A few hands later I’m sitting in the BB and peer down at AA. Very sexy.
My stack: ~10,000
EP: ~6000
Lee Nelson: ~10,000
Joe Hachem: 50
Blinds 100/200 with 25 ante.
Preflop: Folds to EP a young and spewy aggressive player who makes it 825, it folds to Hachem in LP who throws in his last 50, and Lee calls on the button. The SB folds, and after a few seconds of thought I make it 2500. The EP player calls pretty quickly and Lee thinks it over before folding.
Flop: 9c 8s 3c
I look over at EP and he seems to have about 3500ish left. I lead out for 4000 and he goes “alright, you got me” then throws his chips in and tables JJ. I turn up the aces and Joe shows 9s4s.
Turn: 2s
River: 2d

My stack climbs to somewhere around 17,000 and things are going very smooth.

I stay pretty tight and straight forward for a while, and Lee continues to open quite a few pots on my right, and I find little to flat call or come over the top with. In one brief hand a weakish but not total nit open limps in LP and I check 63o in the BB. The flop comes AQ8 rainbow and I check raise his 600 bet to 1600 (since this guy was mostly opening his A’s in LP) and he quickly folds. The blinds soon go up to 200/400 with a 50 ante. I fold for a bit then open 77 UTG for 1100. It folds to the BB who moves in for his last 3050 total, and I call and out flip his KJo, pushing my stack over 20,000. I get moved tables and find myself on the direct left on a friend, the right of a very spewy aggressive young Asian guy, and opposite Isabelle Mercier. Both the Asian guy and Isabelle also have quite large stacks. On the left of the Asian guy are two extremely tight weak players, one from my previous table who was so tight he open limped JJ with antes and I’m pretty sure only opened QQ+ and AK. Otherwise, he was limping.

My first hand of action is against Isabelle:
My stack: ~21,000
Her stack: ~27000
Blinds 200/400 with 50 ante. I hold 66 in the SB.
Preflop: Folds to Isabelle on the HJ, she raises to 1200, folds to me, I call in the SB, BB folds.
Flop: Q J 9 two hearts (I have none)
I check, she quickly checks back.
Turn: 8s
I fire 1600 and she folds.

I stay tight for a while then open my first **** hand of the day, Q7o on the CO, verse the extremely weak tight blinds. Unfortunately the young Asian kid flat calls me and massively raises my flop C-bet on a AK7 flop. The next it folds to me again and I open A2ss and this time the young guy quickly 3 bets me 4X.

A few hands later I’m in MP1 with JJ and open to 1100 again. It folds to Isabelle in the BB who calls. The flop comes down AT4 rainbow and she quickly check raises my 1300 C-bet to 5000. I’m forced to fold and my image feels pretty ruined. I end up sitting quite tight as my stack bleeds off to antes and blinds, with the players on my right shoving and the mega aggro Asian kid with 50,000 raising the table on my left. I do nothing until the 300/600 75 level, where I lead out an 833 flop from the BB aftere the super straight forward mega nit has limped in EP like he always does. He looks over, asks how much I have then excitedly announces “All in!” and shoves his stack in the middle. You win sir. A fold another round of **** cards, then open KJo in MP for 1600. A guy of about 65 who hasn’t played a hand yet puts his hands all over his head, lets out a long sigh, then moves his stack in the middle for 6600. It folds back to me and I quickly muck, give that man a ****ing Oscar for that stirring and compelling performance.

By the time we reach the final 50 players and take a break, my stack has bled down to ~12,000. We get arranged at a new table and I’m seated on the direct left of Kenny Ng, an absolutely spewtastic player who got second in the Poker News cup who has a massive stack from, as he puts it “doing his thing” (AKA 3 outing.) I fold for the first few hands of the table, and in the BB with 11,200 I post a 600 BB and look down at QTo. It folds to the button who is an average kind of aggressive player with a stack somewhere in the ~12,000 area. He opens to 1900. Kenny Ng thinks it over for the SB and flat calls. Kenny loves to three bet, so shoving here is practically a value shove verse his range. I quickly announce all in. The button thinks it over fairly briefly then decides to call, and Kenny quickly calls. The button flips up KQo and I’m feeling pretty ****ed.
Flop: A K A
Turn: 3
River: 9

That ends my day and I go check on Bondgirl who is killing it with 35,000. It would appear I’m a better teacher than player. I made a go at playing a pretty straight forward style today, and I feel like pulling in the reigns a bit live might be good for me as I’m trying to find a balance between absurdly aggressive (which people end up reacting too despite their instinctually being a nit) and not passing up spots by playing too tight. Hopefully I evolve my game to a level where I find the balance.

APPT Final Sydney Trip Report part 1, Casino Shitayle

t takes only an hour flight to get from Melbourne to Sydney, a welcome break from spending double digit hours on a plane just to get to a series of tournaments. I’ve never been outside the airport in Sydney before, and since they've never had any important tournaments and I don’t know anyone there there’s never been a reason. Besides, people always told me the Star City was, as Doctor Pauly put it “the worst card room in the world.” Surely they must be exaggerating?

The building and location for Star City in Sydney is actually quite nice just along an inlet of water with a great view of the entire city skyline, and the interior feels a lot like the Palms in Las Vegas. Looks can be deceiving. My girlfriend is soon seated in the $120 ladies event and I’ve already bought in for tomorrows $750 event, so I find Van Marcus and we get something to eat. We get into an argument over a hypothetical hand: If it’s the first hand of the APPT final main event, it folds to the SB who shoves for 20k and turns AKo face up and you hold QQ, should/would you call. I tell him it is very clearly a call. He thinks very much otherwise. He think so much otherwise that he wants to bet on it by posting the hand in HSMTT on 2+2, and I’m willing to bet my bankroll and internal organs on this one. Unfortunately he only goes for $50, but hey, free dinner I guess.

After dinner we go down to the main poker desk and ask about the satellite to the main event that night. They say they’re only doing single table satellites at $675 buy in so we put our names down for the next one and leave a number. We go up to Vans room, play $75/150 heads up Hi-Lo Omaha on his computer and he lets me buy half his action, despite my knowing absolutely zero about Omaha, resulting in Van being nice and basically handing me $500 when he takes the guy for $1000 while i watch and ask questions. We head back downstairs and find the satellite still hasn’t started. We decide to hit the table games.

I never thought you could possibly take the fun out of gambling. So ****ing wrong. Somehow, Star city has accomplished the impossible to the point I can’t believe anyone is there. First we go to the craps table but they refuse to let us back our pass line bets up at full odds. Fine, **** you, we’ll go play baccarat. We sit down at the table and announce “Let’s squeeze some cards!”
The dealer glances up from the shoe “No squeezing here sir, only upstairs.”
”What?! What fun is this game if I can’t destroy things in the process? Surely you’re kidding.”
”No sir, only upstairs.”
“You win this time, Star City.”
We get up from the table and take a bit over to roulette, which of course has a double zero. We lose there, then head over to the wheel of fortune, which upon examining the odds is clearly the wheel of decimation. Still, we manage to hit a 23 to 1 shot on our third try and head over to blackjack. All the tables are full except Pontoon blackjack, which is a massive scam involving them taking all the 10’s out of the deck. When we finally find a free blackjack table they have an automatic shuffling machine, preventing any possibility of gaining a ‘natural advantage’. We play anyway and lose. The waitress comes over with a tray of milkshakes which we’re free to have. The milkshakes are watery and suck in general. We head back to the poker desk and ask about our satellite.
“Uhhh yea, the satellite just started. Turns out it was a multi table.”
“So it’s too late to buy in?”
”Yea, they’re in their second level. Sorry about that.”
DAMN YOU STAR CITY! I hang around the bar for a little bit and Bondgirl finds me after busting out of the tournament. Apparently she restole all in on Isabelle Mercier with 87s and ran into her jacks, I am so proud. We take a seat with some friends of hers and the guy across the table looks me in the eye and says
“Hey mate, remember me?”
The table turns their attention to me and I’m blanking. I have absolutely no idea who this guy is. I decide to play it safe
“Uhh, was I drunk when we met?”
”Nope, you were very sober... There’s a story behind it.”
****! That was my only play. I sit there awkwardly a moment longer shaking my head in confusion. His girlfriend Donna (she had a shirt with her name on it, makes things so much easier) turns to him
“Is it a PG story?”
”Nowhere close.”
“Oh come on, then I know I was drunk.”
“Gimme a hint.”
“We met at the Pokernews Cup, you wrote about me.”
“Cockstud! Of course, what’s up man?”
Pretty hard to remember a guys face when the most memorable thing about him is his thrice pierced wang. He apparently saw the blog entry and was quite happy someone finally wrote about his piercing.

We get some supper with cockstud, his Donna and our friend Joel, then head to sleep in preparation of waking up for the $750 event at 12:30.

After grabbing some breakfast we head down to the poker room. The players aren’t given a seat card, you have to find your name on a list, which I’ve never seen before in a tournament. I make my way over to table 7 seat 2 and count out the 5000 chips I’ve been given. We’re starting at 25/50 blinds with 40 minute levels.

For the entirety of the first level I do next to nothing. Players on the table keep opening 6X and I’ve got no hands to stop them with. The second level of 50/100 I raise a couple times in position and take down small pots. Nothing interesting happens until the 100/200 level where I find myself with 6000:

I’m UTG with 66 and the table’s 8 handed. UTG+1 is an older guy who plays quite bad and straight forward. He min raises his hands instead of slow playing them and accumulated a lot of chips early by flopping the nuts then spewed them all back by being a total failure at super obvious hand reading. Villain has about ~8000.
Preflop: I raise to 600, UTG+1 calls, 6 folds.
Flop: J 9 3 rainbow
I bete 800, UTG+1 calls.
Turn: As, putting a flush draw out
I think about my bet and fire 1200, since I don’t think he’ll see through my bet size and will worry more about the card. UTG+1 looks very disturbed by the card, literally stands up out of his seat and throws the 1200 in like he’s throwing it in a trash can.
River: 2c
I shove, villain insta folds TT face up.

Things stay quiet for the rest of 100/200 (I raise JJ over 2 limpers but both fold) and the blinds move up to 150/300. Then things start rolling. UTG raises to 800, I flat AA UTG+1 and he check folds a Q62 two heart flop. Next hand I get QQ UTG and raise to 800, get cold called, and bet a 6AK flop and get a fold. After that things go quiet for some time. There’s a young player on my right who’s extremely aggressive and pounds on the bad player on my left. At one point the aggro young player on my right raises to 800 on the button, I make it 2300 with Q9s in the SB, the BB folds and the button insta shoves. I had thought we had roughly equal stacks of about 10,000 starting the hand, but I find out after he counts his chips that I’d confused his reds with his purples and he has only 6500. God damn it, having miscounted his stack turns out to be a serious mistake as I’ve left myself with 2 to 1 for a serious chunk of my stack with a hand that’s probably very close to an exact 2 to 1 vs his range. I decide given my extremely tight image he’s probably not shoving that wide and folding to him.

I stay pretty straight forward for a while with my stack sunk to around 25 BB’s. The next hand I play goes as follows:
BB has never shown up. SB often open limps and plays very straight forward, preferring to call always unless he has the nuts. I hold Ad6d on the HJ.
Preflop: Folds to me, I raise to 750, folds to SB, SB thinks it over and calls.
Flop: Ah Qs Th
BB checks. I’m trying to think what to do here. He’s got about 4500 left in his stack, but I don’t think he’s ever shoving on a draw here or bluffing. I think given how coordinated it is against a straight forward player I need to bet. I launch out 1000, the BB exclaims “ALL IN!” as soon as my chips hit the felt. I roll my eyes and fold.

A bit after that blinds go up to 200/400. It folds to me on the button with KdQd and raise to 1000, the SB folds and the BB moves all in for 1400 more. I call and he shows AdQc. The board comes Q high and I sink to around 11 BB’s.

I spend some time shoving at the 200/400 without getting called before blinds move up to 300/600. UTG+1 I find 88 with 5500 chips and move in. It folds to the CO who moves in over the top, and the rest fold. He flips up JJ, and when the board blanks out my day is over.

Tomorrow is the $1100 PLO event which I won’t play, so I plan on hitting the beach with a cigar and getting a sun tan. After that is the semi shoot out, the 6 max, and the main event, so there’s still plenty of poker to be had. Today also marked my cross over into six figure make up with Timex, so I guess I’d better win something soon. One of these days…
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