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Around the World in 90 Days with Full Tilt, Days 10-12

Around the World in 90 Days, Days 6-9

Hey guys,

Unfortunately due to awful working absurdly expensive internet I haven't been able to get the updates linked properly or consistently in here. That period is over now, so things should be a lot more smooth.

Please let me know if these links work or not, Thanks, Bond

Days 7-8:

Day 9:

Around the World in 90 Days, Day 6

Here's the link guys, Cheers.

Around the world updates

Quick X post from 2p2 since my battery is about to die and I don't have time to write anything:

Hey guys,

So for those who don't know I'm going on this around the world poker trip to play tournaments in the Mediterranean, France, Spain, Vegas, and California, then back to Melbourne,all in about 90 days. It's basically a larger and longer version of what I did with the WSOP last year.

I got a writing deal with Full Tilt to sponsor the material in exchange for exclusive rights. So basically for each update I can just create a thread like last year and provide a link. It took them a few days into the trip to get things rolling so there's already a few updates up.

I can't actually see what has been put up so far because the .com version of Full Tilt is apparently banned in Italy so hopefully the links work and everything.


Days 1-2 -

Days 3-4 -

Day 5 -

Cheers and see you on the road, Bond
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