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Grindin for a living: February Week 3

DeuceSeven February Week 3.

Wow!!!! I had one hell of a week. I fted a bunch of shit. I felt a bit snake bit at the $55 fo fts I made. I ended the week by winning a 33 and the ftp 26/28k. I managed to get in 130 mtts playing 5 days this week. My big scores for the week were:

4th in the stars 33/15k for 1.6k
5th in the stars 55/5k for $810
5th in the stars 55/5k for $790
1st in the stars 33/2k for 1.3k
1st in the ftp 26/28k for 5.5k

Exercise and diet didn't go as well as I'd like, but I'm going to continue to work on it. I'm really too tired to add any more thoughts other then I feel like I finally got the monkey off my back winning my 1st $26. I decided that my updates aren't going to include roi cuz it's too damn hard to figure given I play a lot of kos and a few rebuys in a session.

MTTs played: 130
Cashes: 16
FTs: 7
Profit: $8,199.25

Month to date:
Profit: $7,637.13

Year to date:
Profit: $8,407.71


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