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Great Fun at Club One -- NOT!

Actually, the title was just me having fun. Club One, Edmond's card room up in Fresno is very impressive. Ed invited me up this weekend for his WSOP sat. I really didn't need to spend 4 hours on a train and bus to venture into Fresno for a deep stack tournament when there are so many in Vegas (there last week) and in LA close to my house. But I had been wanting to visit the casino and see what's been keeping Ed busy for the past few months and the foreseeable future. I also wanted to visit with LakeofFire and his wife.

The room is very impressive. Ed manages about 400 employees which is a task in and of itself. The room has tons of tables, a nice bar restaurant, a horse betting room and a large banquet room. The operation runs very smoothly and Ed has done a great job of filling his staff with hot ladies whom aim to please. Great job, Ed!

So I loved the room. What about the games? I played a little $2/5 NL on Friday night and found the action to be fairly typical. The table was a bit tight for my liking but it was fun. One interesting hand. I raise from lp with A2s and the flop comes low with two hearts. I raise and get two callers. The turn is a 5 and it's check to me and I raise to $100. The SB goes all-in for 50 more so I call. I'm waiting for a heart to hit the river but no suck luck. Damn.

The guy turns over his hand and says "it's yours I only have a pair of fives." I'm pretty sick that I can't beat that and am going to muck my hand but look it over very carefully when I notice I actually rivered a straight. I was so focused on the flush draw that I didn't notice I hit a gut-shot. I suck! A player next to me thinks I was slow rolling but I said that I was sure I thought he had the higher straight so I was surprised he only had nothing. Lame response, don't you think?

The Tournament

I'll make it quick, because I only played 2 hands! We start with 10k in chips, blinds are 25/25. First hand I get AA. One limper, I raise to 125. Four callers. Flop comes three clubs. I bet 500, one caller. Turn blank. I bet half the pot, guy calls. River club, check, check. He has Q of clubs.

Second orbit. Two limpers in front of me, I limp with 65h. Button raises to 200. Three callers in front of me, I call. Flop comes 234r. Sweet! Checks to raiser who makes it 700. I call. Turn Q. Check to raiser, he makes it 1400, I raise to 4500, he pushes, I call. He turns up 24, river a 4. Bye, bye me. I was only a 92% favorite, I have to expect to lose with this sometimes... right?

I DID NOT break my blackberry as Edmond claims in his blog, but I did head up to my room for a few hours of America's Most Wanted, a little Pokerstars and to watch Cloverfield. Great movie if you haven't seen it.

So here's a hand that was about as bad as the 65s hand. I'm playing a step 5 on PS. I have been getting good hands and have been in pots with this one guy on almost every one. He has never seen what I have, but I'm sure he think I'm bluffing much of the time -- I had the near nuts every time I raised him. Then this hand comes up:

I have QQ and make standard PF raise and he calls. Flop comes Qs Td 2c. He leads out, I raise, he pushes, I call. He shows Tc9c. Geez. As I had guessed, he thought I was full of shit and is fed up. Turn club, river club, I'm now very short and lose soon after.

Well, at least I got to go back down to the club for some good fun with Edmond, LakeofFire, Lake's beautiful wife and the lovely woman at Club One. Two of Ed's managers get special thanks for showing me a good time. Thanks Su and Meemee!!!!!

I'm sick to my stomach over Bond's WSOP Final Table Beat

I read yesterday about Bond18's bad beat at the final table at the WSOP $3k NL event and I still feel sick to my stomach. If you haven't heard here's the summary from Cardplayer:

Tony "MuckTheNuts" Dunst Eliminated in Eighth Place ($54,344)

Tony Dunst moved all in for his last 133,000 and Matt Vengrin made the call in the big blind. Dunst showed KK and was up against 98. Dunst held a big lead, but the board came 10 8 7 J 10 to send him to the rail in eighth place. After the hand, Vengrin was up to 1.5 million in chips.

click to enlarge the image

Here's the link to the full report if you wish to re-live the rest of the ugly details.

Bond has discussed some of his other ugly bad beats deep in tournaments but I'm sure this will come close to the way he was sent to the rail in the Main Event last year.

Please join me in sending Bond some positive vibes and perhaps some kind words in a PM via the site by clicking here.

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