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Funny pokerstars chat exchange

I was playing some heads-up on Pokerstars last night and got into this one match with a guy who was playing extremely weak-tight and I was running over him without really even doing much. He would fold to almost every flop or turn bet I made and would rarely bet a flop after a PF raise.

When we were at about 2300 for me and 700 for him he types in the chat:

This is amazing, I cannot hit anything, but you wouldn't know what that is like.

I replied:

Sure I would, I haven't hit any hands either!

Word Series of Poker Final Table

I just read in CP that the heads-up portion of the final table of the WSOP was actually the longest ever -- over 100 hands, yet it was cut to only 2 hands! I did feel, when watching it, that the entire episode was much too short and felt cheated by the coverage. It gave me no sense of the play or the skill of the players. But I didn't realize that it was cut down this drastically. Obviously, other final tables were also shown in two hours but they didn't feel this edited. I was really disappointed by the entire episode. Is this what poker fans really want?

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