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WPT Bellagio Cup IV -- TwoRaggers on the Leaderboard

So Podiman did us proud in the ME finishing in the top 100. Badgerpro also made a deep run and SirWatts finished just shy of the $$$. Now comes the WPT Bellagio Cup $15k tournament. This just in from the WPT site:

"Mike "SirWatts" Watson is putting the floor staff here in the Fontana Lounge to work, busting 3 players in 2 hands.

First, a player open shoved under the gun for his entire stack, Watson made the call from middle position, and another player calls behind him.

The under the gun player turns over A-6, Watson holds pocket queens, and the third player has pocket jacks. The board does not improve any of the three hands and Watson takes down the 350,000 chip pot.

After the hand, Watson explained that the player who moved all-in had been pushing several times over the past few rounds, so his large overshove was not very surprising to the rest of the table.

The very next hand, Watson is still stacking his large mess of chips when the player under the gun moves all-in for his remaining 24,800 chips. It folds around to Watson on the button and he deliberates for a minute before calling. Everyone else folds and the other player reveals K10 while Watson has AJ. The board comes out J53109 and Watson knocks out another one, increasing his stack to 412,000.

Watson resumes stacking his winnings as Tony "Bond18" Dunst is moved into one of the vacant seats and he is shocked to see his friend with such a large stack. Following behind Dunst to fill the other seats are Thayer Rasmussen and Glen "Choron" Chorny, making for a stacked table to play out the last five hands of the night. "

Looks like day 2 is about to end with 125 players remaining and SirWatts, Bond18 and Thay3r are all in the hunt. Good luck, boys!!!

Podiman ME Update -- 100th place

Marc "Podiman" Podell was just busted in 100th place at the ME. After a tough day yesterday where little went right, he started the day short-stacked and received lots of help today in the form of big pairs but was rarely able to get action. He did double up a few times and was just under average at $1mm when he lost a few hands and went down to $650ish and then this hand went down as reported by PokerNews:


Marc Podell opened with a raise to 60,000 before Tiffany Michelle made it 227,000 to go from the hijack position. The action folded around to Podell who moved all in for 433,000. Michelle made the call.

Podell: {10-Diamonds}{10-Spades}
Michelle: {A-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}

The flop came {7-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}{K-Diamonds} to give Michelle a monster -- top pair and nut-flush draw. However the turn fell the {10-Clubs} to give Podell a two-outer for a set of tens to take the lead as the gallery roared. But in a classic suck-resuck moment, the roof of the Rio was lifted as Michelle hit the {3-Diamonds} on the river to complete her flush and eliminate Podell in amazing circumstances.

Michelle is now up amongst the chip leaders with three million in chips!


It's a shame that a player sees to it to commit herself to a hand like A2 by RR so light against an early position raiser who is clearly only going to be raising with quality hands. Oh, well...

Marc has been at one of the two ESPN tables for the last few hours so he should get some TV face-time during the coverage.

Let's all send Marc a huge congrats for an amazing accomplishment!!!! Marc won approximately $50k in the event. It's unfortunate that all of his grinding and great play had to end this way.

WSOP ME - End of Day 4 Podiman, Badgerpro and Thayer still going strong

Podiman, Badgerpro and Thayer are still alive with healthy stacks going into day 4. There are 474 left and all players are in the money. Podiman (Marc Podell) has $558,000, Badgerpro (Andy Schultz) has $193,000 and Thayer has $394,000.

We wish them all the best of luck today!!!

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