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Shortest 9-handed SnG ever!

lakong I played in the weirdest Sit-n-Go ever. It was a Stars step qualifier to the WSOP Main Event. I was just fooling around at Step 1. The entire SnG took 10 minutes and 23 hands. We just played 1 hand at the 25/50 blind level. Has anyone ever seen a 9 handed tournament go from 9 down to 2 players in less time? Here's how it went down:

This one guy, ussro, kept on going all-in from the very first hand. It didn't matter if he was the first in the pot at the 10/20 limit of if he was pushing after a standard raise. He just kept on going all-in. On a few hands he did fold, but not normally.

On the 5th hand ussro RR all-in and is called by two players. He has jh8h and the other players have QQ and AK. He turns quad 8's.

On the 9th hand he goes all-in with QT and gets called by AT. He flops a Q!

On the 14th hand a guy goes all-in, he calls and another guys calls. ussro had kc4c and the other hands were AhQh and AdJd. Of course the flop comes all clubs so we're down to 7. That brings us down to 3 players in 14 hands!

At this point I decided to just stay out of his way and let him take down the 3rd player unless of course I'm in a very favorable spot and either then it probably won't make much sense unless I get very short.

Finally on the 23rd hand ussro goes all-in wiht KhJh, the 3rd player calls with 77 and ussro turns the K to make us both winners.

Thanks ussro. Even if it was just a fun little Step one tournament. It was memorable!

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lakeoffire says

Players like that are usually a good time, except when they lay one on you early.


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