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Nag-O-Meter iPhone App and a little Poker Content

lakong Today I officially launched my first iPhone App. It was a bit longer in the works than planned but I'm really happy with Nag-O-Meter Deluxe. You can read about it here:

and watch the video we put together:

It's a fun, 99 cent App that comes with over 600 high quality recordings of various people saying Nagging things. We allow you to email the Nags, set any of the Nags as custom ringtones, etc. So far, the feedback has been really good. We had a lot of fun making it. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch please download it and give it a try. I would appreciate some reviews and if you can spread the word to your friends via your email lists and social network followers that would be fantastic!

I'm happy to offer promotional codes to any review sites.


I played a bit of live cash poker on Saturday at the Hustler here in LA. I had only 3 hours to kill and my best hands were 66 and AQ the entire session. However, it was a really weak $300-500 game and I came away up $150 for the session. I had it up to $900, but played one horrible hand that cost me $150+, made a semi-bluff that didn't pan out for $200 and didn't get value out of some of my hands. Basically, I suck.

My horrible hand went something like... on button, folds to me and make it $20 without looking. Had a reasonably tight image at this point. Get called by BB who checks the 4 6 8 rainbow flop. I make it $50 without looking and he raises an additional $50. I now look down at 3 7. I probably need to fold or raise but I just call with the plan of trying to take it away on turn. Turn Q and and he makes it $50 again. Hmmm, we're both fairly deep here, but at this point with only a gut-shot I need to raise or fold, but of course I call hoping to get really lucky or if a great scare card comes I might raise if he bets small again or bet if he checks no matter what. River pairs the board and he bets $150 and I fold. HORRIBLE.

I did have one hand which seemed weak but I think was right. I find myself in a hand with position and a flush draw to the T and an A and Q of the suit on the flop against one player who is fairly good. He bets the flop and I just call (I also have middle pair). Turn is a blank and he bets $80 and I call. On the river I make my flush (3rd nuts) and he bets $140. We both have about $250 more behind. I took a while to decide between calling and raising. I felt that he likely had top pair only and any raise by me would so obviously look like a flush that I only get called by a better flush. I decided to just call and he did have an AT. He might have called a mini-raise but who knows. Any thoughts on this one?


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