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lakeoffire says

Just UL.


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One more Borgata Cooler

Podiman had so many and was so tired, this one slipped my mind..

QT is one of my fav hands, so limped in early pos w/ Q T, 5 players to the limped flop. Flop is J 9 8, bingo! I dont like the 2 spades, so I bet out a pot bet of $50 and get one caller (SB). Turn is a red 4. SB checks, I bet out $125 and he calls. 3 on the river and he leads out for $400. UGH.. I fold face up and he shows A 5

so gross. Did I missplay the turn? If I put him on the flush draw (which I did), should I have bet something bigger like $250 into the $150 pot?

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