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Going AWOL

Bond18 I busted out of the Bellagio Cup main event yesterday, which was my last event of the summer in Las Vegas. Early this morning I took a flight from Las Vegas to New York and slept the entire way there. I now sit in my hotel room in Manhatten doing some video work for pokersavvyplus.

I’ll be leaving the country on Sunday, and a couple days after that I’ll be in Mombasa Kenya for a month. After that I’ll be in Dubai for a few days and then Macau for a couple weeks playing poker before finally returning to Melbourne.

It has now become very clear that attempting to write a long blog entry every day of this trip while trying to stay current is near impossible. That’s not to say I don’t want to write it at some point; in fact I take notes at the end of each day about what occurred so I can write it in the future if I feel so inclined. However, I was much more busy in Las Vegas than I’d anticipated and I can’t imagine things will get any better with all the travel I’m about to do.

Writing this blog has had a series of both positive and negative consequences. It’s caused major damage to some personal/dating/familial relationships but conversely created valuable new ones and afforded me a bunch of fun opportunities, not to mention gotten me offers to get smoked up all around the world. I’ve learned a lot attempting this, and I’m glad that I took the shot. Not that this writing experiment is over, but it seems pretty clear for now that it’s delayed. I may be able to get stories up now and then, but the truth is I have no idea what my computer/internet access will be like and how much free time I’ll have and I don’t anticipate having serious time to do writing until I return home to Melbourne in September. If I can get stuff up I will, if not, oh well.

A lot has been made about my decision to write about drug use and sex. At the start of this trip I told myself I’d write whatever happened to me over the course of the day no matter how embarrassing, ridiculous, incriminating, or even mundane. Hell, plenty of entries have been me having a straight forward day of hanging out with friends and wasting time. I’ve talked to many other people in the industry who (understandably) don’t want to be named in any relation to my stories, particularly when it comes to smoking pot. Most serious poker players have the aspiration of legitimate sponsorship at some point, which is an entirely reasonable goal and I wish them the best of luck with it. Clearly, I have given up on that aspiration and find the idea of being unapologetically candid far more creatively satisfying. I’ve already done straight forward tournament blogging, strategy writing, and PC travel writing. I felt like this year it’d be interesting to try something new, particularly as I was in a situation with no relationship and no potential legitimate business opportunities and the only guaranteed draw back would be some occasional internet hate. I guess I just find the idea of writing tournament report after tournament report with no color boring. If you feel that such extracurricular activities don’t belong in a poker blog I would simply recommend reading someone else’s, because the content of mine will not be changing. Some have warned that there may be unforeseen long term consequences, and they may be right, but I’ll deal with those as they come.

So best of luck to everyone I got to know better this summer, and to those I didn’t get to say goodbye to. Hanging out with you all made it truly memorable for me and I hope we’ll get to do it again soon, even if soon means a year in my terms. If not, well then I’m sure we’ll see each other on the internet at some point, because these days there’s no such thing as truly going AWOL.


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