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Moving Forward

The last week has been a total waste. I was correct in my self diagnosis of strep throat, and it kept me coughing and exhausted for the majority of the week even after getting penicillin from the medical center. I got two small sessions of poker in on Thursday and Friday but both times I was by no means at full mental capacity, though I managed to pull off a deep run in the FTOPS 300r which ended generically somewhere in the 50 something places. Otherwise I have been mostly lying about my couch watching movies and longing for the gym, which I returned to this evening with about half the energy as usual. It felt good to be there either way.

Mid way through the FTOPS event I found myself on the same table as infamous online player Chad "Lil'holdem" Batista. Around four years ago I recall doing an interview with pocketfives and mentioning that I thought he was overrated. In the time after that I was critical of his table talk (notably his angry words for "Intervention") and wrote a comical script about the whole affair. In the early few years of my online poker career I was critical of a ton of guys, be it their play or their personality. I've met Chad since and in person he's a pretty chilled out and personable guy, and I think we had a laugh over what we wrote. We had some friendly table talk, and I told him I'd say he's likely among the five best online tournament poker players around.

I don't know if it's been the years of accumulated beats (and I'm not saying mine are worse than others), or the pick up, or the working out, or all the weed, but somewhere along the way I became pretty much the most chilled out guy around. I don't really see the point of hating on anyone anymore, unless they truly and genuinely are a scumbag like say JJprodigy or Men "totally legit poker hall of fame candidate" Nguyen. I believe that's his nickname. The point is, I think most of my early career trash talking mostly came from a place of envy. I'm not saying criticizing someones play or character is out of line, but there are mature and adult ways of going about it that aren't taking cheap shots or being rude. I can still confidently say I think Chad's comments to "Intervention" were out of line (it's old news at this stage, and I'm pretty sure water under the bridge between those two), I can still say that Hellmuth's behavior is pretty clownish (and likely awesome for TV ratings), but these days I'd rather get to know a guy thoroughly and try to understand his motivations than make snap judgments about him. Chad and I talked about blazing some joints together in Vegas and I'd happily follow through with it and supply as talking poker with that guy would be fascinating even if he can't always articulate why he knows what he knows.

Maybe I simply don't have the time to be a hater anymore? After a three week delay I'm finally getting back into my routine tomorrow. I won't be waking up at some insane hour to do a huge Monday (Sunday for you boys in the States) since I'm still getting over the strep, but I'll get up and play a normal sized session. After that I'll head straight to the gym to crush myself, then right back home to get showered and changed. I'll then head over to Crown where prior to eating dinner I'll make sure to chat up at least one girl (no weed allowed on the day until I've attempted at least one pick up which guarantees I won't make any excuses about it) then back home to write an entry for each of my various logs on the new website before I can finally relax and blaze away. Some nights I'll have a girl over, others I'll sit on the computer and review a friends hand history because I'm a geek like that and I enjoy studying poker again these days. If they're comfortable with it, I'll copy/paste the interesting hands from the review into my pokerlog and include our discussion on the hand. Some guys are more relaxed about their play being exposed than others. I'll only be taking one day off a week (likely Saturday) from all of this and the exceptionally strict diet I'm on will prevent me from any late nights drinking or big dinners out. I think to most online players spending that much time grinding is a hellish idea, but I'm really looking forward to it all. I miss my job. Nothing about any of this will change until I leave for the WSOP.

After accumulating five years of material all over various blogs and websites I've decided to consolidate it on a proper website of my own, though it is little more than a Wordpress blog. Either way, as of today I will be updating my website on a daily basis. The reason why I didn't go for a more simple title, like say, would be because some time ago Full Tilt poker apparently purchased all of those. I believe it was during my time of employment with them.

The website seemed like a logical next step since my "poker blog" has now veered off in so many different directions and was becoming increasingly inappropriate for the strictly poker venues it was held at. The poker and general blog content will be still be hosted on those websites the same as always, but the website will allow me to get more depth on topics. The site still needs quite a bit of work in terms of going over old entries and editing them, since they were often written for 2+2 or something else very informal. I likely won't bother for old trip reports since I prefer them in their original version, but for things like informative articles it seems necessary that they read and flow well.

Contained there is every piece of the "Things it took me a while to learn" series, every trip report I've ever written, every informative article on any subject I've written, all previous blog posts, random stories from my travels, and things like detective TJ Cookier comic which remains unfinished.

The main elements of my writing going forward will deal with poker, dating, and fitness. I'll mix in trip reports and informative type things, mostly related to those topics, or anything else that strikes my interest such as fashion or travel. My plan had originally been to start updating on a daily basis for a fitness and poker log starting immediately after the Aussie Millions, but I wound up taking a trip to Sydney and Adelaide with Sirwatts (aka Mad Dog), Luckychewy, and KingDan. I may write some trip reports for that period when I find the time, though that depends on how much time I have available to me. I decided that the first Monday after coming back (today) I would get down to business and begin my serious grinding, working out, and dieting but instead I've caught what I believe to be strep throat and my throat is so fucked that I can't even casually swallow without pain and speak without discomfort, so instead I'll be going to a medical center and hopefully be receiving penicillin (assuming I've properly diagnosed myself, which doesn't seem so hard since I had it 10 months ago and the symptoms I'm experiencing are identical.)

The goals for the poker log portion of the website are to play six days a week, track results, post interesting hands and the feedback I get on them from other intelligent players, and generally give me an area to stay motivated and post quality material. I've got a friendly dinner bet with Ben Delaney about reaching number one in Australia (I'd say he's a big favorite given that he's playing great high volume poker and a couple thousand points ahead of me) and while I have pretty lofty and likely unobtainable goals hopefully they provide the necessary motivation to stay hard on the grind for the next three and a half months. I've also begun accumulating hand histories from other very good players and doing reviews of them for the purposes of my own education, and if it's okay with those players I'll post their HH's and the comments I made on specific hands.

The goals for the fitness log portion of the website are to reach 8% body fat by the time the WSOP rolls around. I'll actually be shooting for 6%, but I'll be a happy man if I can make it down to eight. I'd guess my current level is roughly 15% and based on my research and speaking with my personal trainer, given the exercise and diet routine I'll be enduring 14 weeks should be enough time to reach my goals. I'll be going back on the same diet as before which is almost entirely meat and vegetable based, with only a few unprocessed carbs and no liquids outside of water, black coffee, and protein shakes that have been mixed with water. I'll get into more detail in the fitness section of the website.

Anyway, I'll get into more detail in the future, but for now I'm going to get some rest and try to make it to the doctor.

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