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Poker Hall of Fame and Dubai

Bond18 I’m finishing up my last few days here in Nairobi. It’s Saturday and I’m off from school until Monday and then leave for Dubai on Wednesday. I know at least one person messaged me about hanging out in Dubai a few months back but I can’t find it anymore, so I thought I’d mention it in the blog for him or anyone else who lives there and would like to meet up and cause trouble. If not I imagine I’ll roll around the crowded areas and try to find a date as I tend to do.

Meanwhile, I was reading Doyle’s blog (which is consistently good in my opinion) today about the poker hall of fame nominations and his thoughts on the matter. He posted the criteria, which I will quote him on
“(1) Must have played against top competition.
(2) Played for high stakes.
(3) Played consistently well, gaining respect of their peers.
(4) Stood the test of time.
(5) Contributed to the overall growth and success of poker with positive and lasting results.”

Certainly seems like a reasonable list of expectations to me. Assuming I had the two votes he does I would use them towards:
A. Barry Greenstein: Barry is the fucking man, plain and simple. He has enormous tournament accomplishments, has played in the biggest cash games for years, has donated a ton of money to charity, is one of the most congenial and approachable pros in the business, and is quite popular with the ladies. Despite all of this, he manages to maintain a nice balance of honesty and modesty and is well liked by old school and young pros all around. I’d be surprised if Barry wasn’t voted in this time around, but if not he’s a lock in the future.

B. Eric Seidel: I’ve played with Eric a few times and much like Doyle said his demeanor is incredibly impressive. I don’t think the guy would react negatively if you reached across the table and stabbed him. He’s got a shit ton of bracelets (seven I think?) in a number of games plus a runner up finish in the main, and he’s been doing it consistently for over 20 years now. It seems year after year he’s near the top of the Cardplayer leader board and when I played with him I thought he had a really solid gear changing hold’em game. I’d be surprised if anyone in the industry had a legitimate bad word to say about Seidel.

And then there were the names I was surprised to see on the ballot:
A. Tom Dwan: Very surprising to see him there considering his age. That said, the guy’s poker abilities are incredibly sick verging on creepy. He makes for great TV and in my interactions with him he’s a really nice and modest guy. I’m confident one day we’ll see his name on the ballot with a legitimate shot at getting in.

B. Men Nguyen: Words cannot describe my thoughts on Men being here as accurately as a simple “LOL”. The guys been accused of cheating more than Bill Clinton, probably has a who can angle shoot more prop bet with Doug Lee, and I’d be pretty shocked if I found out he was crushing any cash games (though who knows, maybe mixed, I don’t keep track.)

C. Scotty Nguyen: So, I guess we’re all just pretending that whole 50k HORSE final table thing never happened? Scotty was the first big name pro I met when I was more poker fan boy than player and he was the nicest guy in the world. To this day I kind of have a soft spot for him as a result of that and numerous other interactions but damn, that final table was the poker TV fiasco equivalent to the Bay of Pigs.

It seems Doyle believes Mike Sexton will get the nod, which is fine by me because Mike has been a suburb ambassador for poker and is nice to everyone despite how much he gets approached about random stuff. I don’t know too much about his playing days as he seems to be more interested in the business side of poker since the boom, but he has a nice collection of accomplishments and the respect of his peers, which is a pretty good indicator.


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